3 cameras NONE is triggering nor recording for over a month!

Hi All,

For over a 6 weeks now none of the cameras triggering events, they do not reccord events and as those of us who are paying for cam plus are just wasting their money (the email with one month free from yesterday doesn’t work as well)

I’ve emailed, called did everything wyze support suggested (too many times in the past 2 years)
But it seem usleless and time wasting as support doesn’t really seem to know what to do.

I’m attaching the last event - a big package was delivered a d not even one of 3 cameras triggered.
At the past six weeks we had 3 serious incidents that we must get the footage from at least 2 of the cameras.

The frustration due to lack of support is concerning.

It would be helpful if I can upload the videos and screen shots here.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with events. Can you provide the following so we, the volunteers and community, can see if there is something which may be causing this:

  • Android App Version
  • Which Cameras you are having issues with and the Firmware version of those cameras
  • Post images of the following screens:
    • Home Screen
    • Detection Settings
    • Event Recording
    • Notifications

With this information, we can see if something stands out. I personally am not having issues with my Cam Plus and my Cameras (v2, v3, WCO v1, WCO v2, Cam Pan v2, VDB v1, VDB Pro) so we should be able to provide some assistance.

Couple of things to look at in the meantime:

  • On the home page, take a look and see if the Bell at the Top Right has ZZZ through it, this will disable notifications but events should still be recorded.
  • On the Camera, make sure Detection Settings is turned On
  • On Event Recordings, make sure Detects Motion is On

In the past, there were issues with the toggle showing one thing and in reality it was not on. I would start from the notification menu option and turn off All options including Notifications, then back out to the Event Recordings menu and turn off all of the options. Back out to the live stream, then go back in and turn things back on.

Here are my settings for a v3 camera I have. I am notified all day of people being detected:


Also, do you have an SD Card in the cameras? An SD Card can be set to record continuously or only for events and is stored locally. You could then go through the SD Card and see if events are being recorded there. I currently have an SD Card in mine recording continuously as well.


Thanks for the reply,
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate the upload option on the android app as I all the screenshot.

I’m a “veteran” wyze customer back from V1, periodically they have issues which the typical troubleshooting a d suggestion don’t help and they tend to resolve after some changes they’ve implemented in the background. Currently all the settings and the versions are up to date - but I don’t have the option to upload screenshot and videos here.

This time around its diffrent as they openly admitted over a phone call at the first week of May that they experiencing trouble with AWS, following that many of us received codes for cam plus (which DO NOT WORK).

If the issue would be with a single camera I would addressed it differently - as I’ve done at the past and purchased a new one. This time (6 weeks) it’s across all 4 cameras which are active outside - I have 2 indoors which are V1 that only reccord locally (SD card).

Lastly I’ve been waiting for over a year for a replacement of the doorball, but this is for a whole different topic

Forgot to mention, I have 2 ring cameras in the backyard for 5 years and never had an issue with them

You went 6 weeks before you even noticed an issue? Perhaps, cuz, I also use the app for HMS, I click on the Events tab almost every day.

If nearly everyone else is not complaining about the issue you are having, then, likely, it is an incorrect setting on yer side.

When they switched how the licensing worked I had some issues. I’d add to the other excellent advice that you should unassign all the camera licenses (remove them and save) and then go back into settings and assign them again. Then test.

Good luck.

I’ve noticed, worked with CS and waited to see if they come up with a solution

Thanks, it worked w, I deleted everything and re-installed.

Thanks again!

Edit: but there’s nothing (history) on cam plus from the events I needed the footage from.

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Oh no. Maybe the experts here know (I’m just a rando) but if it didn’t record it initially it’s not going to be there unless you have a microSD card that caught the date/time in question.

I’m glad it worked for the future, still very disappointed in how Wyze did the license transfer. Really frustrated when it broke for me.

Yesterday I had numerous deliveries all day and none of them were recorded on video even though I checked all my settings before and after and they were correctly set. Some of the deliveries were announced as “Person Detected at Front Door” (DoorBell Cam) but no still picture and no photo. The rest of the deliveries were not even announced.
It’s all well and good to tell us to unset and reset all our settings but that doesn’t bring back records of these unrecorded events and one of them was extremely important because it was a (thus spoiled) delivery of frozen foods by FedEx. Another was a Father’s Day delivery of very fancy baked goods to me from one of my adult kids and it sat out in the hot sun on the porch for hours.
I have been a loyal supporter and defender of Wyze for years now and I pay for Cam Plus but how can it be acceptable to tell people that the solution is just to unset and reset all your settings? How can we rely on these products? Are the other manufacturers’ cameras equally faulty? If not is it time to switch to another brand? I feel badly even asking this as I have supported and defended Wyze for so long, but this is really depressing and aggravating.

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You are not alone. I’ve put a pause on recommending Wyze products to friends and family to see if they come out of this rut.

It seems they are not prioritizing filling these two vital positions:

Aside: I actually considered applying for one of these jobs because I love the vision (if not the current execution) of Wyze but I just don’t have the skillset they are looking (I’ve done some hardware engineering testing but it was a while ago and I’m not up to date on the latest and greatest). /a

To answer your (possibly rhetorical) questions:
For reliable protection in high-value scenarios: Yes, it’s time to switch to another brand.
Even if I wasn’t on these forums, I’ve run into enough showstopper issues with my cameras, switches, and bulbs on my own that I wouldn’t trust the equipment for really important things.

But for cost-effective, low-value protection/automation scenarios, they are still absolutely great! So I won’t be abandoning them.

That said, I completely echo your sentiment:

I hope Wyze leadership is aware they’ve been missing quality-control in their push to expand the product-line. If word-of-mouth is worth anything, then that should be a big red flag.

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My 3 outside cameras haven’t worked for 3 weeks!!! Says they are Off line. I have unplugged from the wall and router. Can’t through to customer service.
I feel like we are Guinea pigs on this service. I’m frustrated and upset to the point of throwing in the towel! I’ve had it!!!

I am having mixed emotions about my angry post above now and debating whether or not to leave it up. But upon reflection I think it is still relevant.
The good news is that I remembered that a couple of days ago, while we were at a doctor’s appointment, there was an area power outage which lasted several hours, during the daytime, and then power was restored and everything, seemingly including all our very numerous home automation devices, came back on after I recycled my modem and mesh router system. Or so I thought. Everything, including the Wyze Doorbell Camera, seemed to be functioning normally, or so I thought. After all, I was seeing live view on the DoorBell Camera and getting live and recorded views on another Wyze camera and even some Person Detected at Front Door at announcements .
This morning, out of desperation, I deleted and went through physical removal and reinstallation of the DoorBell camera and reinstallation of the Alexa Routine tied to that camera, and seem to have everything working again.
But then again - Why? With all other home automation devices including a Wyze Cam v3, coming back on automatically after the power restoration and my recycling of the modem and routers, why wasn’t the Wyze DoorBell designed to come back on in the same manner as everything else? Why did it, and only it, require a complete physical removal and reinstallation? Doesn’t this still demonstrate an inadequate, careless and faulty design by Wyze? A lack of attention to detail?
I only suffered disappointment, frustration, anger and a loss and spoilage of some gifted deliveries.
What about the Wyze Customer who could potentially fail to deter and/or be warned of their home being broken into and burglarized, or worse, while relying on the Wyze home security system?
We’re a bit old-fashioned and still have a fully-installed Guardian Alarm System. I guess we’ll stick with that!

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There is nothing quite as unsatisfying as “so close” failure of something that appears relatively reliable and simple when you most need it.

In product design it’s better to be consistently unreliable than reliable except when you most need it. It’s such an emotional downer and causes real negative associations.

This is why good testing is so important. You can let people down by breaking in expected ways but when you break quietly, it’s deeply frustrating and betrays the trust between the product and the person.

Let’s all hope Wyze recognizes this and continues to value of fostering that trust.

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Amen to that!

That statement was truly a gem!
It should be inscribed on a bronze plaque mounted at the entrance and exit to the Wyze headquarters and that of every other home automation company!
With due credit to you, the author.

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Guess what… Same failures on a different day!

The thing that annoys me the most is the same old can responses by the CSRs, they should have a tracker of how many times customers have seen these throughout the years

Wyze uses trash AWS servers, they need to ditch AWS because it SUCKS.
I am really fed the F up with Wyze right about now and about to switch over to something else after being a loyal user and an early adopter since like 2018
their cloud is just utter trash
in January the first v2 I got back in 2018 stopped working with Alexa and Google on the same day and also it stopped working with person detection on the same day it stopped working with both voice assistants , no person detection events or notifications from the wyze app, not working with Alexa or Google home,
I have 3 other v2’s on the same account all working fine with Alexa Google and person detection.
every single troubleshooting step was exhausted , including factory resetting the camera, deleting it from the account and readding it, manually flashing different FW versions from the micro SD etc,
nothing worked ,after months of waiting for a possible fix through a FW or app update and hours wasted troubleshooting with no fix in sight I just went out and bought a new V2
I set it up and everything seemed to be working fine , the camera was automatically enrolled in a cam plus trial
The other day I noticed that I was only getting motion events and that they were only photos not video , I assumed the camera would revert to cam plus lite automatically when the trial ended but no, so I went and enrolled it in cam plus lite manually and made sure motion detection and person detection were switched on
I noticed that now I was getting video events for motion but that person detection was no longer working back to square one , or so I though
till I noticed that now ANOTHER one of my V2’s stopped working with person detection the same time the new camera stopped working with it, right when the cam plus trial ended
I made sure both cameras were enrolled in cam plus lite (they were) and that both cameras had person detection switched on (they did)
still no person detection on the TWO cameras now, the other 2 are still working fine
so now I have THREE v2’s not working with person detection and voice assistants
instead of just the one after going out and buying a new V2
I also noticed that after I got the new V2, when the person was working up until a few days ago
that the person detection was detecting people outside of the detection zone I set
and another thing I noticed ,since January under smart integrations in the wyze app
only Alexa shows up Google does not show up even though I unlinked and relinked my google home account about 500 time now
but the cameras still worked with Google except the one camera even though it does not show in settings>smart integrations.

all this started around the time of the AWS outages and nothing has been right since
they need to fix their broken cloud because it’s an out of control dumpster fire
and nobody is addressing it and I am really getting fed up now,

I’m having the same issue with my Outdoor Cam v3. It stopped recording/detecting people about 2 weeks ago; the only exception is it will record people if they are within a few feet of the camera. It does record cars and wildlife and as far as I can tell everything else is working fine and I’m not having any issues with any of my other Wyze cams (v2 & pan). The firmware is up to date, my settings are: Detect-Motion, Sensitivity-100%, Continuous Recording to 32g SD card and I have no filters set for reviewing Event recordings and when I do select People it’s has Zero events recorded. I restarted the camera in the settings twice this past week with no improvement.

So this garbage (2 cameras) doesn’t work yet again for 4 days. If any of you heard of a class action lawsuit let me know I’ll join in