Video doorbell pro never receives notifications

I’ve had this for a few months now and we don’t get anything from it. All the other Wyze cams produce something as expected but not this. We’ve lived with it this whole time but it’s time to get some idea what needs to change. Can’t find the wrong setting myself someone please help. TIA

Are you seeing events in the events tab at the bottom of the app, just not receiving push notifications?

yep not any events either

Can you confirm that the event recording settings are enabled and the detection settings are turned up?

Make sure you don’t have a detection zone preventing recognition.

almost didnt even respond cuz of the stupidity. want to say thank you for causing me to revisit the settings. have no explaination for why event recording was toggled off. want to say it was always on but it may have been for a second and then just didnt stay that way for whatever reason otherwise i wouldnt have gone through all this. again thanks and you are great help! only thing is the test i just did to see if it works now was only 12 seconds long. im assuming that is because we dont have cam plus?