(BUG?) Doorbell Pro and Notification Setting Issue

I have a (Cam Plus enabled) Video Doorbell Pro that’s been working fine up until today (6/14) when I suddenly started getting person and other motion events even when the respective settings under “Event Notifications” is (and has always been) toggled off. I only have button press and low battery notifications enabled.

Went through a few troubleshooting steps like rebooting, toggling said settings on, rebooting again, toggling the notification settings back off… rebooting again, and even removing and re-adding the device.

Contacted support who recommended I ensure everything was updated and clear my app cache, which I attempted to no avail. Eventually submitted a log to the engineering team and I guess I’m waiting at this point.

Removing Cam Plus resolves this issue but then I don’t get the cooldown benefit for this camera…

Anyone else have this issue recently?

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I’m having the same problem

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I am having this same problem and it started over night as my wife and I both received (the first) motion notification at 2:05am, (June 14th). Continued all day. Upon testing, if I go directly into the doorbell itself settings and turn “Notifications” to OFF, the motion detections will still give me a push notification. The only way to stop actually receiving them is to go to the Wyze general settings (for all cameras) → Notifications → Push Notifications → Enable slider (to off).

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Same issue and it’s driving me crazy!!

Oddly enough it seems like the issue has resolved itself? I’m guessing it was a Wyze/Cam Plus back end issue…


Had same problem intermittently. Reset helped but it came back. Close to using a hammer on it.