No notifications for new Video Doorbell Pros

I just added two Video doorbell pros (last night). They came with the free 14 day CamPlus. They work fine. I turned on “send notifications”, and everything under that is also toggled on.

I also made sure notifications are turned on for the Wyze app on my phone (iPhone).

There were a couple of recorded events for both during the night, but I didn’t receive notifications.

I receive notifications from the other Wyze cams I have installed inside my house.

What gives?


My motion sensor on the video doorbell pro is not working. I made sure all the app sensors were set, no filters were on, all notifications were on, and I am not getting any notifications. When the doorbell is pressed it is hit or miss with the notification. No notifications on a car, animal, or person walking up. Very disappointed. I also have cam plus. I had the app open and had my daughter go outside. When I was in the app it did record an event for her; however, I should not have to have the app open for it to work.

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Set my doorbell pro up and no notifications are coming to my phone unless the button is pressed. Also no light appears at night. Motion sensor must be defective. I thikn I may need send this item back for a refund and purchase a Ring doorbell.

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I’m having the same issues. I see videos of people walking dogs but then I have packages delivered with no event recorded. This is disappointing.

Same issue here, no notifications for anything. Movement detected or a doorbell press. I see it has tagged these things correctly in the feed but no notifications for them.

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Simular issue, I noticed the cam made a event for seeing a vehicle but it dosen’t create a event for when the doorbell is actually pressed. I would think the doorbell should prioritize the doorbell being pushed for event notifications otherwise how would I know to check it if i’m not home?

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Same issues …. I installed and updated the firmware and I’m getting no event notifications or recordings. I’m sure there will be a fix soon.

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Same issue, no notifications.

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I also am not getting notifications for the doorbell. My other 5 cameras are sending push notifications with no issue & the setting is turned on.

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No notifications at all. Where is the Wyze staff on this?

I got mine to work… I’m getting notifications. Double check your settings. Make sure that you have your camera checked in the events option tab.

I’m not receiving notifications on my doorbell pro as well. all setting are correct. I use to get notifications, but stopped within the past week. nothing changed on my part. I reset the doorbell, verified internet and have 8 other cameras that work and give me notifications so it’s something specific with the doorbell. anyone else have this issue within the last week?

I am having the same issue. Everything was working before, but now I am not getting notifications for recorded events. I believe it stopped after the latest firmware update.

Same with me, the AI is not doing anything. It’s just listing everything as a motion event so it’s not sending AI notifications. Definitely started after the update last week.

@ZiaMan and @youmans

Please contact Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT about this. It would be a good idea to submit a log in the app support section and give that log number to support when you contact them. Contacting support is the most direct way to get information about a problem to Wyze.

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Has anyone heard from Wyze on this? I’ve stopped receiving notifications for my doorbell pro in the past few weeks as well. They appear to be detected events, as shown in the app, but just not any notifications being triggered.

Mine actually fixed itself a week or so ago.

Try adjusting your notifications, turn off the person detection and turn on all motion notifications. Once you confirm that works, change the notifications back to just the AI events. Not sure if that helped, but that’s what I did.

Thx ZiaMan. I am not sure if my solution turned out to be an exact but after hrs of searching and applying, the basic actions worked. Infact I applied your solution and added few smore basic steps.

I reset the bell and the app cache (I do not think it is needed but I did it anyway)
Turned off any rules for the moment
Turned off Motion detection notifications (only notifications, motion detection recording is still on)
In my account settings, turned on VoIP settings (means I will get a call instead of a notification if the bell rings)
Made sure Wyze is selected to run in background in every scenario (in the accounts settings)
Under phone settings, I deselected the option for the app to be optimised under any scenario.

Now the phone rings everytime the bell rings. I can enable motion detection settings and get notifications fine (I turned them off bcz I don’t want notifications).