Wyze Doorbell Notifications not sending

I recently replaced my Ring doorbell with a Wyze Doorbell. It works very well, except it will not send me app notifications on motion. I previously had a Wyze cam watching the door and I shut it down and was going to move it to another location and rely on the doorbell. But the doorbell will not alert me of motion. If I open the app, and view recent alerts, there is clearly motion alert from the doorbell, and I can view it back. But the app will not send me motion alerts when they occur. I turned on the Wyze cam for the door, and once again it will notify me when it detects motion, and the doorbell is silent. Just had a package dropped off and the cam notified me, the doorbell recorded it, but doorbell didn’t alert me.

When I added the Doorbell to my account it enabled a trial again for CamPlus, could that be interfering with anything? I don’t subscribe to Cam Plus just use regular.

Welcome to the forums! What are your notification settings for the doorbell? Camplus trial shouldn’t be effecting anything. But once it installed, it’d be good to verify all your settings.

Notifications are enabled, All Other Motion Events are enabled. I’ve disabled Wyze AI Events. because I assumed it was for CamPlus.

We are having the same problem. I left our Arlo up and we are getting notifications from that, but not the doorbell cam. I can go back in the history and see all but 1 event.

Notifications are on. We are getting alerts from all our other Wyze cams.

I just deleted the doorbell cam out of the system. Reinstalled and reset my phone. Seems to be working now.

Reset your phone as in reboot, or complete wipe / reset the phone to factory?

Just a reboot.

Thanks for the tip. I removed my device and re-added it, so we’ll see if that resolves or not.

So after removing my doorbell from device list, and re-adding it, I just got a motion alert from a package delivery! Thanks for the tips - unsure why it doesn’t trigger with adding it the first time.

I am having the same issue with my doorbell. Removing and reading the device is not a solution. Someone from Wyze needs to chime in here. I just sold my ring cam as I am moving over to strictly Wyze products.

This is unacceptable.

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Not a problem. Glad it worked! I remembered after I posted that sometimes a new v2 cam will behave like that and a reinstall fixes the problem.

My wife and I are having the same problem with our doorbell. I can’t seem to figure it out. It’s quite frustrating because when we are away the neighbors can communicate with us through the doorbell. No matter what I’ve done I can’t get the notification that the doorbell has been rang.

Welcome to the User Community Forum @KBAllenFamily!

Have you enabled the VOIP setting in Account>Notifications>Push Notifications>Voice over IP?

This will cause the doorbell to make a phonecall to your phone that you will answer like a video call.

Make sure notifications aren’t muted. The bell in the upper right of the home page.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck!

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I am not sure if my solution turned out to be an exact but after hrs of searching and applying, the basic actions worked.

I reset the bell and the app cache (I do not think it is needed but I did it anyway)
Turned off any rules for the moment
Turned off Motion detection notifications (only notifications, motion detection recording is still on)
In my account settings, turned on VoIP settings (means I will get a call instead of a notification if the bell rings)
Made sure Wyze is selected to run in background in every scenario (in the accounts settings)
Under phone settings, I deselected the option for the app to be optimised under any scenario.

Everything is working as expected.

Thanks for posting that. There are several users trying to get notifications back from several different devices on certain brands of phones running Android 13.

What version of OS and Wyze App are you running?