DoorBell Notification Problems

When my Wyze doorbell is pressed I get the same notification as when it detects motions. Is that how it is supposed to operate? I felt like in the past i got a sepearate notification for a door bell press than a door bell motion detection.

I would think that motion at the doorbell would trigger a separate notification from a doorbell press. Is that not correct?

I can view 3 notification categories for Wyze on my Android Phone.
WyzeMessage - never seems to trigger
WyzeMessage - triggers with doorbell press or motion at doorbell
General - never seems to trigger

Is my system running incorrectly, have I set it up wrong, or does motion and doorbell press create the same notification?

Thanks in advance for your help

You can set the Doorbell notification up for VoIP calls. Basically, you will get a phone call if someone presses the doorbell and when you answer you will be able to see and speak with the individual.

To turn on VoIP:

  • Start the App
  • Go to Account
  • Scroll down to Notifications and select it
  • Select Push Notifications
  • Select Voice Over IP
  • Turn on Voice Over IP Calls and if you want, ignore Notification Status.

Then you will definitely get a different notification


OMG, that is a GREAT work around. How did you figure that out? I would have never dug up that feature. I find it interesting that they make no differentiation between a doorbell press and a doorbell motion event. That doesn’t make sense, but the VOIP is a perfect work around.


No. It isn’t.

Yes. When you have VOIP disabled, your button push notifications and your Cam Motion or Person notifications should be different.

Button Push:

Person or Motion:

But you missed the point.
The event triggered the exact same notification tone and that is a problem for me. The text may be different but in my situation that is not helpful since I am not reading the text. I need to be able to set different notification tone for a door bell press versus a door bell motion and apparently that is not possible, so the voip is a decent work around

That is a different issue than:

By default, all Wyze Push Notifications will get the same tone across the WyzeMessage channel. Until just recently, that tone was OS driven. Only recently did Wyze integrate an App driven tone for all Wyze Notifications. Now, not only can you set a custom tone in the Android OS Notification Settings for the WyzeMessage notification channel, but you can alternatively choose one on the app.

But, regardless of which you choose, all notification Tones will be the same.

However, since you use Android, there are 3rd party apps that will allow you to have customized notification tones for each individual Wyze device and for what type of notification is coming from that device (button press, person, vehicle, package, pet, smart alert, open, close, etc.).

Some use Tasker and BuzzKill, I use MacroDroid. I have 26 cams, each has its own tone. My HMS, Thermostat, Vacuum, contact sensors, leak sensors, climate sensors, motion sensors all have their own tones. Every type of cam video tag has an additional tone. When I get a cam notification, I hear two tones: The first identifies what (person, pet, vehicle, smart alert), the second identifies where (which cam). When someone enters my property, I can tell where they entered, which direction they are moving, and relatively how fast just by listening to the notification tones come in.

See this thread for details:

And if you can not get the notification from the button press what do you do then. I have spent months with support and all they can tell me is that it is a android issue and it works fine on iphone.

Not sure what Android issue they are talking about. I have been getting doorbell press notifications on both the Production App and now the current Beta RC App. I am running Android 11 though. Have you tried VOIP to see if that will work?

Clicking the notification opens the Doorbell Answer UI.

I found another forum a little bit ago with different settings and that worked. It had something to do with allowing call access to Wyze. Tech support never mentioned it but it does not look like yours. It is just a phone call but then takes you to the app when the call is answered. I have a second doorbell cam that i need to install that is over a year old that I never installed since i could not get the first one working correctly and Wyze would never do a refund of both. My next project will be trying to get the thermostat to go through the setup since that has never made it all the way through.

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Yes. That is the VOIP setting that installs a Virtual SIM to the phone for Wyze to act as a call recipient. The Phone App Call Settings also have to be modified when you make outgoing calls so that it doesn’t ask you every time which SIM you want to use to make outgoing calls. Android phones apparently aren’t smart enough to realize that a Virtual SIM can’t make outgoing calls on a fictitious network.

The one I posted is from a Push Notification. I turned my VOIP off to get you the screenshot. The VOIP rings into the phone like an incoming Phone Call.

Once that happens, you can then save that incoming call as a New Contact, name it what you want, and give it a custom assigned ringtone so that it sounds different than a regular phone call.

I have one of those too if you run into issues. Make sure your GPS and BT are on when you install.