Doorbell Motion Notification Not Working

Is there a trick to enabling motion notifications. I’ll take any type of motion notification, nothing is working for me except for pressing the doorbell.

I don’t have a doorbell but the directions are here and I don’t know if they really work.

Thanks for the link. I double checked and have everything set. Notifications working for my other Wyze devices, just not the new doorbell.

I also am having this same issue! Just purchased and installed last night and have gone through all troubleshooting steps …not a good sign so far!!

Same issue here with the doorbell pro. Just installed this weekend and setup notifications per the app, but I don’t receive any from motion or door bell rings.

Yeah love the doorbell, events, and basic notifications I notice in my notifications but it doesn’t tell me when someone is ringing the bell. It sends like a message to my notifications but doesn’t send me a “someone is at your front door” or calling you etc… wish it would notify you like the ring does with a unique notification

Have you looked into or enabled the VOIP option?

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This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for! Thank You!!


In the last week this function started to work for me now. When motion is detected I receive an alert on my Android phone now. Maybe fixed with a recent app update? If others still have this issue try to update the app & firmware, see if you have any luck.

Well, it worked for me for a few week. No again no longer receiving detection notifications. :frowning: