Wyze Video Doorbell don't ring me on the cell phone and neither in the Chime

I have a Wyze Video Doorbel with chime, synchronized to the cellular, but when it senses movement, it sends notification as a message, but it does not ring in either the cellular or the chime.

Please some help to get it to ring on the chime and on the cell phone to answer.

Thank you for your help

Welcome to the community @edwin.orbe33 .

I use the VoIP Process which actually calls your phone and will connect you to the doorbell if you answer it. Works really well.

Go here to turn it on as I believe it is available to all:

  • Start your App
  • Go to Account (Bottom Right Menu)
  • Go to Notifications
  • Select Push Notifications
  • You should see Voice Over IP as an Option, select that
  • Turn it on and back out.

Now when your doorbell is pressed, your phone will ring like a phone call. Here are some images:

Thank you spamoni4 for your reply.
I tried it but it didn’t work for me.
The camera continues to send me normal messages to the cell phone, but it does not make the call to the cell phone and the chime does not sound either.
Is it possible that something else is missing out there or how else can I check that it is not a defect of the camera?.
Thank you


Re-read your OP. When movement is sensed, you will be notified as it is a camera. When the Doorbell is pressed, your chime and VoIP should work.

Have you tested to see what happens when you press the Doorbell?

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Great Spamoni4 now understood and worked perfectly.

Thank you very much for the support

Best regards