Wyze Video doorbell wont ring chime

Ive installed my new video doorbell twice, and I can see the chime in the application and even configure the sound - but, it does not “chime” when the doorbell is pressed.


I had this issue today - I deleted the chime and added the chime back in. Hold the top button on the chime until the light on top blinks 3 times and release the button. It will attempt to connect with doorbell cam and once successful, the light will be solid blue - if yellow, then it did not connect properly.
Mine works now after doing the above.


Turns out the volume slider is not accurate- you need to move it to the right until it registers a “1”. I know, sounds dumb, but it’s so loud I tried to turn it down and guess I set it to zero.

My chime worked fine until it didn’t. It quit sounding and was blinking blue. I pressed the top butting and waited. It blinked blue for a while then turned yellow. No chiming now.