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Hi new to the forum. I currently use a wyze video door bell as well as V2 and v3 cameras. My question is when someone uses the doorbell the notification sound is exactly the same in my phone as the motion detection sounds on the cameras. Is there some way to change the notification sounds so they are different. I tend to tune out to the motion and end up missing the doorbell lol. I do have the chime so while home this is not a problem. Thank you

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You could turn on VoIP calling. You can do that by following this:

Once enabled you will receive a phone call which when answered connects you to the Doorbell.


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@spamoni is correct. VOIP is the best way to get a distinctly different sound from a doorbell press. I did this and then added my doorbell to my contact list and assigned it its own especially annoying ringtone.

Motion detection notifications will be the same as the rest of the Wyze notification sounds you set in your Android Notification Settings for WyzeMessage, but the doorbell press will be unique.

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Thanks. That is a great point, it is used for the Doorbell press event. Thanks for providing that piece of information. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’ll give that a try. Appreciate the help