Custom Notification Sound When Someone rings DoorBell

When someone rings the doorbell, I get a general SMS sound for notification. I’d like this event to be distinguished from person detection or other events and get a different sound on my phone.

Even nicer to have :
Along with this, a quick link to directly open live feed will be good. Now, the app opens to device page but does not show live feed until play button is pressed again.

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Welcome to the Community @murali2020kris

I use the Voip option for when someone rings the doorbell. It will actually ring the phone, open up and present a video view of the person at the doorbell you can speak with, if you want.

To turn that on, go to Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Voice Over IP and toggle it on. For me this has been a game changer as now I get a different notification when the doorbell is rung and I can immediately see who is there.


@spamoni I do not see this “Push Notifications” option in Wyze app - can you please let me know where is this? I would very much like this way of notification when my wyze doorbell is ringing.

From your phone/tablet:

  • Wyze app Home > Account (lower right) > Notifications > Push Notifications > Voice Over IP

Thanks. Was not near a computer.

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Thank you, was looking for the option in the “notification” setting inside the doorbell.

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