Chime alerts with motion detection Doorbell Pro

Just installed my video doorbell pro with chime. Is there any way to get the chime to alert me when motion is detected? Thanks. It rings when doorbell button is pressed but that’s the only time.

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From what I can tell as a user of this device, you cannot ring the chime with motion detected on the Wyze Video Doorbell pro.
You could create a rule that turns on a Wyze V3 or Pan Cam V2 siren or Turn on a Wyze Bulb or Color Bulb if you have additional devices.

But then there is no options for clearing the action as the camera’s do not have when motion is clear capabilities, today

Some other community members may have other approaches, but natively this is not a capability I have seen.

Thanks. Maybe they will update the source code to emulate the Ring POS I replaced it with.

I would imagine that since there is a notification option for motion alerts to cell and now voip, there should at some point be the ability for the chime to work as a notification receiver and play a chime on motion alerts as well…

I just got mine and same problem. For now I’ll keep my Ring which alerts me via Alexa when someone is at the door.

Any updates on this from the software team? Having a motion-sensing doorbell camera and an alerting device (chime pro) seems like this should be a natural feature. In my case I’m mainly interested in our autistic son exiting or entering the house. He does not ring the doorbell but often does not close the door.

I know of no other updates at this time regarding your question.

Out of curiosity, and for your use case. Do you have any other smart devices in your home I.e Alexa devices, Wyze motion sensors etc…, there may be alternate solutions that can assist with this.

Happy to help brainstorm some ideas.

This request has been on the forums since the Video Doorbell Pro debuted. I dumped my Ring thinking Wyze was a better, if not equal, solution only to find that a seemingly simple integration with the chime module to sound motion alerts was not available. Come on programmers, figure it out!

I didn’t even see that there was an actual Wishlist item for this until now.

Posting here for anyone who comes across this thread to give a vote.

While not Native to the Wyze System and Rules, there is the ability to do this with Alexa (with one of the variations of Cam Plus).
When Person is Detected then “X” Which could be an announcement on Alexa Devices