Can you ring the doorbell chime and record a small video when the V1 motion sensor is activated?

It is real easy to create a short video when a v1 motion sensor is activated (or v1 door/window sensor).
I tried to create a rule to set off the doorbell chime (I have both the original and pro) when motion is detected in my mailbox with a V1 motion detector. I could see several options on the doorbell like record short video, restart doorbell, send notification, but no ring chime?

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The chime is inaccessible via rule automations. The only way to ring the chime is to press the button.


Thanks SlabSlayer, it would be a cool thing to be able to do though. I guess I could set off the alarm on the V3 Pro camera when the mail box is open :slight_smile:

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Indeed it would. Even cooler if we can use it in rules to activate a specific ring from those available on the chime. You can vote for it since it is already on the #wishlist: Allow Wyze Chime to be accessible/triggered for alerts from ANY Wyze device.

But, I think there may be a bit of a limitation to being able to do this. The VDBv1 chime is installed as an accessory to the doorbell, not as a Wyze Device. I don’t have the VDBPro, and I believe its chime acts as a hub for the doorbell, but it may also be just an accessory to the doorbell :man_shrugging:. Accessories don’t play well with other devices.


Thanks SlabSlayer!!
I voted on adding that feature, but there are only 12 votes so far unfortunately!
I like the original poster’s idea of adding the chimes into a group too. I would love for the chimes to be shared amongst the doorbells so you could hear them better throughout the house. I know you can assign multiple chimes to a doorbell, but I would like to assign doorbells to multiple chimes so they could all ring (with the correct chime I assigned that location).

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There was discussion on this very topic and some chatter last year that Wyze was working on R\D for a Universal Chime, but I haven’t seen any recent posts: