Motion alerts from the chime when connected to the video doorbell pro

Can one of you sharp programmers add the ability to alert me of motions on my porch from the Video Doorbell Pro I just recently installed? I dumped my Ring doorbell because it sucked. The Wyze Pro is way better but I miss the alerts of motion I received from the chime connected to my Ring.


I agree that would be a great feature seems strange why its not standard

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I forget how useful it was to get an audio alert from The Ring chime when Amazon left stuff on my porch. I now, with Wyze, have to keep looking at my phone for an alert, since I usually have the thing silenced.

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Exactly. I just got the doorbell pro and currently have a ring (battery). Motion alerts work great with Ring and are connected to Alexa. I’m not going to use the doorbell pro until I get motion alerts on Alexa. Guess another Wyze product that I’ll just have to put in a drawer.