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Step by Step How To: Macro to play a unique notification sound for every Individual Cam, Device, or AI Tag that sends Push Notifications from Wyze

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Set The Trigger:
• Open MacroDroid
• Select Macros at the bottom
• Select the Plus (+) sign to add a new Macro
• In the Red Trigger box, select the Plus (+) sign to add the trigger
• Select Device Event
• Select Notification
• Insure “Notification Received” is selected and select “OK”
• Insure “Select Application” is selected and select “OK”
• In the App List, scroll to the bottom and select the Wyze App
• Insure “Include” is selected then click “OK”
• Select “Contains”
• In the user variable text line, where “Enter text to match” is shown in grey letters, type in the exact text that you want the macro to match. This comes from the push notification you get from Wyze. If you are creating a custom tone for each cam, the text would need to match "detected on ‘My Cam Name’ (My Cam Name = whatever you named the cam). If you are creating a custom tone for an AI type, it will need to be “Person detected” or “Pet detected”. This is very important. How the macro reacts depends on what text it is looking for within every Wyze Push Notification. This text depends on how you named your cams, devices, and\or what event AI type and\or Alert you are looking to hear in a custom tone. You can also do this for all HMS, sensor, thermostat, vacuum, sound, etc. notifications. You are not limited to only cams and AI types, or just Wyze for that matter. You can match the full or partial text of ANY Push Notification received from ANY app on your phone.
• Insure “Ignore Ongoing Notifications” and “Prevent Multiple Triggers” is selected and that “Notification Sound” is set to “Any Value”
• Click “OK”

Set the Action:
• In the Blue Action Block, select the Plus (+) sign to add the Action
• Toward the bottom, select Media
• Select Play/Stop Sound
• Choose the Notification Tone Sound you want to hear when the Notification arrives with the specified text. It should play a preview when you select each entry. If you choose “Select File”, it will launch your File System Browser so you can choose a file that is not in your default Notifications sounds folder. You can also select which Audio Stream the sound plays on. This is important if you have audio playing that needs to be stopped to hear the notification. It can be changed later if you have notifications walking on other audio content.
• Block Actions until Complete will insure that the macro waits to play the tone before it moves in with other actions in the macro.
• Click “OK”

The macro is now complete. All that needs to be done is to name it and save it.

• In the top bar, type the name for your Macro
• Click the :heavy_check_mark: Checkmark in the lower right to save it.

The sound should now play every time your phone receives a Push Notification with text that matches the text you specified.

You may want your Android Default Notification tone to play along with this new Macro tone, you may want the Wyze tone to play. If you only want the Macro sound, you will need to disable the Android assigned tone. This WILL vary depending on the version of your Android OS and the Brand Specific OS Build from your phone.

• Long press the Wyze Icon
• Select App Info
• Find the entries listed as WyzeMessage, complete this for each
• Click WyzeMessage
• You may need to click Advanced
• Find Sound and select it
• Select the tone you want to hear or select “None” if you only want the macro sound to play
• Click OK

You can now close the settings