Share MacroDroid Macros for Wyze IoT

With the ever expanding Wyze IoT landscape and the desire of users to customize their own user interaction experience with the Wyze Ecosystem, there have been increased inquiries into the use of the third party app MacroDroid with the Wyze Ecosystem.

To hopefully keep other topics from wandering and also to start consolidating great MacroDroid ideas into one thread, I have started this Topic for users to ask questions and post solutions for MacroDroid to enhance their Wyze experience, improve functionality, and automate processes.

Feel free to ask questions, post solutions and macros, or just link in posts elsewhere in the forum that have great MacroDroid solutions for Wyze gear.

I will start it out with the first link. This is the post\discussion that prompted the topic:

MacroDroid macro that will provide 4 different types of notification upon Person Detection by a Wyze Cam:

MacroDroid Macro to blow up my phone for 30 seconds when there is an HMS Active Alarm: (:warning: Warning… Turn down your volume!)

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Alright, I’m downloading Macrodroid to try it out.

I’ve been using Buzzkill to help with my notifications, but it does look like Macrodroid has a lot more options.

I also have Tasker, and while I love it (the most powerful tool IMO), it takes a little more effort to do some things :laughing: and sometimes I just don’t feel like thinking that hard.

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I only learned of BuzzKill after I started using MacroDroid so I really haven’t developed a need for it yet. Unless it can do something that MacroDroid can’t. I also looked at Tasker but came to the same complicated conclusion.

EDIT :point_down:

Right now the only thing I have on my MacroDroid wishlist is to find a way to Configure a macro to open directly to the Monitoring Tab either directly with a custom script somewhere or by launching the Wyze HMS Widget. Still researching that one.

Badda Bing Badda Boom. Figured it out. Now when I get any notification from MacroDroid that is from my HMS, when I click the notification or the notification dialog link, it opens Wyze to the Monitoring Tab.

This now opens up so many more possibilities! Now I can program a full page of shortcut buttons on my home page to act like Wyze widget buttons to open the Wyze app and go to any page I want, any cam I want, any device… Oh the possibilities!

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Now that’s impressive! Wow!

I wonder if you can have Macrodroid push a message/broadcast something to Google speakers.
I figured out how to do this with Tasker a while ago, but then mostly switched to Alexa anyway.

I will probably end up paying for the pro version of Macrodroid if it can even do things within an app like this. That is very convenient!

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Some new MacroDroid Wyze Macro additions:

Home Screen Shortcut Icon to Launch Wyze App to Events Tab

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Home Screen Shortcut Icon to Launch Wyze App to Home Monitoring Tab

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Home Screen Shortcut Icon to Launch Wyze App to Account Tab

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Home Screen Shortcut Icon to Launch Wyze App, toggle App Notifications (on\off)

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Home Screen Shortcut Icon to Launch Wyze App to Home Monitoring Tab and Arm HMS: HOME

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Home Screen Shortcut Icon to Launch Wyze App to Home Monitoring Tab and Arm HMS: AWAY

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Home Screen Shortcut Icon to Launch Wyze App to Home Monitoring Tab and Disarm HMS: DISARMED

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There are some other options, and I’m a fan of free and open source ones (to avoid license worries and enable easy sharing and recommending to others).

“Easer” is good and I believe similar to Tasker, but it is a bit hard to use.

I recently started using “Automation” by Jens Schroder. Its interface is much easier than Easer’s, and all of these various programs have similar abilities. I am very easily able to set up routines to alert when a family member’s phone leaves or enters a defined geofencing perimeter (X is almost home!) or to keep my screen on whenever the phone is plugged in and charging.

The only thing I’ve noticed lacking in Automation is a “condition” instead of a trigger. So rather than one rule to keep the screen on when charging, I had to write two (one to turn keepalive on and one to turn it off). No big deal, and it’s been working well.

Just to clarify, I assume you you did this by installing it on the family member’s phone and have their phone text you or something?

I’ve recently started doing notifications through Google maps for my wife and daughter to let me know when they leave or arrive in common locations, such as work/school/home, but it would be cool if there was another option.

I’ve been wishing I could have Alexa announce some of those things.

Correct, via SMS with either Easer or Automation. I too want to close the loop to get it to announce on Alexa (without resorting to a paid IFTT kind of thing).

How did you do it in Google Maps? That was actually my first choice, since we already had location sharing on. But the best that seemed to exist was using a related Google service to provide a notice on reaching a particular location, not a zone/geofence as these apps (through the underlying Android location API) provide.

First, on their phone, open Google Maps and go to the menu and select “Location Sharing” and have them share their location with you “Until you turn this off” (they can obviously still stop sharing their location at any time if they want).

Now, open your Google Maps on your phone and find them on the map. click on their profile picture and you’ll see something like this:

In the notifications section just click on “Add” And it will take you to this screen:

It will automatically suggest their location and your location as options, or you can click on “+ Add location” to search for and enter in any other location. Then select if you want a push notification when they enter that area or when they leave that area or both, and it sends you push notifications based on that criteria.

The downside is that Google doesn’t allow us to customize the radius the of zone, and I think there is a limit of how many total notifications you can set per user and it doesn’t allow zones to be too close to each other.

It’s not perfect, but it works. I figure I basically have Google checking my location all the time anyway, so I might as well use it to do this while it’s at it, probably saving battery life more than having another app poll GPS as well.

Now I just have to figure out how to take that notification and PUSH an announcement about it through Alexa or Google Smart speakers to my Home Office Speakers to let me know. :slight_smile:

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Done and done.

  1. Go to Virtual Smart Home™ • URL Routine Trigger for Alexa Routines and login with your Amazon Account.

  2. Go into Amazon Alexa and install\enable\Link the URL Routine Smart Trigger Skill

  3. Go back to your URL Smart Trigger Account and add a URL Smart Trigger by naming it something like “Daughter Nearby”. Copy the first URL provided.

  4. Go to MacroDroid and create a macro. Trigger will be Notification Received From Google Maps that contains text “xyz lmnop” (whatever the push notification says from Google maps). Action will be HTTP Request Post. Paste in the URL.

  5. Go to Alexa and create a macro. You should now see a “Smart Home Device” listed as “Daughter Nearby”. That is your trigger. It acts like a single fire and forget push button. Your action will be an announcement on any \ all of your Alexa devices of whatever text you choose to announce… “Your Daughter is on her way home” for example.

Any behavior on your phone: texts, emails, push notifications, alerts… Anything that MacroDroid is able to pick up as a trigger, can trigger a routine to fire off in Alexa.

Good Luck!


Hmm, thanks, interesting. The ToS refers to “Service Descriptions (Use Levels)” for information on pricing but no such page appears to exist without logging in?

The skill page reads:
"URL Routine Trigger is free for now. Enjoy using it!

Any way to initiate this from the Alexa side instead of them presenting the Amazon login?

If this site is trustworthy (and if it survives) I see no reason it couldn’t be used with the webhook ability of TinyCam or Easer or Automate etc al. too. But we see what happened with IFTT as it became too popular…

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Thanks, carver. So yeah, it seems that the default radius is something like “a building”? That doesn’t help when someone is traveling one of 20 different possible ways home. :frowning:

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I saw that in the ToS also and could find no hint of pricing anywhere. But, free for now is good for me.

Regardless of which side you look from, the generation of the URL and the creation of the virtual smart device into the skill are initiated on the web side so the Amazon login is required.

Here is the Amazon listing;

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Yep, thanks, that’s where I picked up the "free for now* quote.

I see the login URL is Amazon side, but I’d want to understand this a bit more before logging in.

I have been busy during my time off plugging away at macros to automate my Smart Home and it’s diverse array of IoT Ecosystems. The following are Macrodroid Macros I have successfully added to fully automate control of my Wyze Home.Monitorinh System. I will post edits to the details of each as time goes by. Many require multiple macros running consecutively and would be far to much for one post. If there is one that interests you, feel free to DM me and I will edit full details into this post so that everyone can see them.

Full Alexa Voice Command automation control of the Wyze Home Monitoring - Home Security System for;

  • Disarming
  • Home Arming
  • Away Arming
  • Panic Button Immediate Alarming

This includes inclusion of these tasks into multi-action, multi-ecosystem Alexa routines and deals with limiting factors like DND, PIN Login and Screen Orientation.

Previous macros I have been using produce a unique Notification tone, tune, alert sound, popup, message, email, SMS, vibration, light flash, persistent or high priority notification for every individual device, notification type, AI type, or detection type that Wyze sends as a Push Notification across their ecosystem.

OMG, this is gold! Bookmarked, copied and implemented for a test run.

I am going to add a WHOLE bunch of new Alexa announcements soon!

I have never really implemented a web-hook before, but now I think I understand it. You could do the same thing with Google Home Speakers using Webhooks. I saw people doing all sorts of crazy cool stuff with Tasker using Webhooks, I just didn’t really understand them.

I don’t think it’s too risky having this company switch to paid, webhooks are everywhere and there are ways to do them natively and free, this company is just simplifying the process for us.
I’m still going to make a whole bunch of these!

@SlabSlayer you should “Publish” some of your Favorite general Wyze routines as “Templates” in Buzzkill. I searched for “Wyze” and nothing pulled up. :cry:

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Glad it worked for you. I was very impressed with how easy it was too.

Did you try the other 100 spellings from your list? :rofl::wink::grin::astonished::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a thought.:thinking: Will definitely look into that. May have to clone and scrub before uploading. I’m up to over 100 now. But, I would be posting them to MacroDroid since that is what this topic is for. :rofl::grin:


Wyze is now on the MacroDroid Template Search map! More to come as I have time.


I found you! I starred the 3 macros I intend to setup. I haven’t set them up quite yet though as I need to make some minor modifications to them before activation.

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My live test on this today failed, presumably from me entering the wrong trigger (the action definitely works). Here is an example of the notification:

So it says:

[Wife Name] arrived
1111 Street, City, ST Zip, USA

So it is using a title and a subtext as part of the notification, but I need information from both. I need to know Who (because there are messages for my wife and my daughter), Arrived/departed (because I get messages for both), AND where (because there are different locations that come through the message).

I though I could tell it to have the trigger be






[Wife name] arrived*[address]

But that didn’t work. I thought that would cover the info in the title, then the asterisk would work as a wildcard to cover anything else in the middle to get me to the subtext of the address, but apparently it didn’t work.

Oh Wyze Macrodroid Master Mentor @SlabSlayer tell me how to make this trigger work, please. :slight_smile: I verified the action itself definitely works, just need to figure out this trigger.

I also had some issues with some attempts to it clear specific Wyze notifications after 3-20 minutes, but I just made Buzz kill handle those for me for now, so it’s not a huge deal and I’ll get back to figuring out why those didn’t work right in Macrodroid later in a different post. For now I’m trying to figure out how to automate this one so I can have Alexa announce “welcomes” about my family and flash Wyze LED strips in my office. :slight_smile:

I’m not using any Google Maps notifications so I’m not familiar with how those come in.

But, from how I program mine, there are 3 parts to the notification:

  • The App Origin Identifier (Maps • xxxx@gmail)
  • The Message Title {bold text} ([Wife Name] arrived)
  • Message Text (1111 Street, City, ST Zip, USA)

The field for “contains” is only trying to match the Message Text, not the Message Title. Since the Message Text did not contain your Wife’s name, it is probably why it wouldn’t trigger.

I will have to do some digging on how to trigger the macro based on the message title and message text when I get some more free time.

The biggest hurdle, once it does trigger, is getting that info thru to Alexa. You would need a macro, webhook, and a routine for each location that sends a push notification for both your wife and your daughter. I haven’t researched any way to actually pass thru the specific location data to Alexa, only to trigger a routine.

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