Push notifications origin

I’m messing around in Tasker and intercepting Wyze push notifications with the autonotification plugin to trigger a task that plays a siren sound if any Wyze Cam detects smoke alarm or Co sounds.

I’m thinking just title and the key words are enough to do that, but origin of the push in the form of package ID may be more precise.

I’m also assuming they come from their cloud and not the Wyze app.

The app ID is com.hualai I think. Do they originate there or where? Anyone know?

I do the same with MacroDroid. I have a custom notification tone played by MacroDroid for every cam, device type, and notification type that plays in succession from multiple variable dependent macros depending on the incoming notification text dialog .

I can set the individual macro to monitor all incoming notifications for the specific text I designate, or I can narrow the macro scope and set the origin by selecting from my App List so that it only triggers if the matching text dialog in the notification comes from the Wyze App.

From the perspective of MacroDroid and Tasker, the origin of the notification is from the Wyze App which is the Android App ID com.hualai. The cloud triggers the App, the App provides the notification.


Thank you,

Macrodroid would probably be easier than Tasker on my frustrations level. Lol

And thanks for the explanation how those push notifications arrive.

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Don’t laugh… it isn’t. There is a VERY steep learning curve there as well. The depth of possible Triggers, Actions, Variables, etc. is absolutely mind boggling. Much trial and error. Both are doing the same thing, the interface is all that is different as well as some app added features.

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It was easy enough for me to capture the smoke alert data with Tasker autonotification plugin just by using the data in the notification.

I’m playing with smoke alarms and Co intercepts and then playing a ringtone siren sound for fire to my phone or Bluetooth speaker at night for each camera for more coverage.

Some of my smoke alarms are 2019 and all are T3 sound. One might be a bit older and different model as well.

I’ll test a first alert upstairs above the garage entry door and the OG 10 feet away detects and so does the Pan V3 in the basement.

Both cams sent alerts. But if I test the smoke alarm, but different model and type, one foot away from the Pan V3 in the basement, nothing.

I know the cam Pan V3 works from prior test, so I’m thinking it may related to sounds variation in the cheap 9V style smoke alarms.

All cams are set at 90 percent sound sensitivity. All set to detect Co and smoke.

I know it takes some tweaking, as my basement pan V3s we’re the ones seeing dust bunnies as people and tweaking motion detection seems to have stopped that but still reliably picks up people just fine.

I was and still am, if I can get each camera to send a smoke notification setting up individual camera alerts to my siren sound via Tasker.

Bedroom looking out windows model OG won’t detect with the smoke alarm right on top of it and it’s the same style, but different first alert that worked with the other OG.:thinking:

I’ll take the other smoke alarm in there and see if it detects that one and keep poking and experimenting.

Maybe they have to beep longer. That same upstairs garage door first alert triggered 4 cameras in one actual cooking smoke test.

Time for T4 alarms perhaps that are linked and they all sound off.

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In follow up, all cams send alerts if the right sound is detected. And some cams hear it at range with several walls and doors between.

I carried the garage door smoke alarm to the bedroom window OG and let it rip for 6 to 9 beeps.

That one and the other basement pan V3 cam picked it up right below the floor, as well as a window OG in the garage. Twice each. With bedroom door closed but ajar.

I’ve got notifications now from all cams and can trigger sirens from any camera should it detect smoke sounds. The first alert sound is kind of rinky dink and inconsistent.

I can’t hear them unless I’m right in top of them.

I’ll look at upgrading to T4 model smoke and CO alarms, so hopefully the sounds are more consistent. Either linked with 10 year lithium or wifi models where I have some control and can replace the batteries.

All it will take is one to hear it and set off my siren sound. :crossed_fingers:

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