Workaround for poor notifications from important sensors like the Leak Detector sensor

Hey Guys!

I just setup my Home Monitoring Hub recently and today just got around to installing 4 leak sensors around my house. I see many complaints here how the method Wyze currently uses to notify people of a leak is very inadequate as it’s just an app notification that can easily get lost in all your other notifications. Well, I agree with that 100% and have been using a different app for years called MacroDroid that I thought might be able to help this “problem” so I gave it a shot and it works fantastic! MacroDroid is a super powerful macro app that I was previously using to control my phone’s ringer volume/vibrate automatically depending on where I was. I took a look at this and you can setup triggers based on Notifications!

What I did was setup a trigger that looked for a notification for the Wyze app which included the text “detected leak”. If it sees a notification from Wyze with that text, I have it set to speak the notification from my phone and then send me a text message with the notification. As an added benefit, I happen to have a home phone setup that connects to my cell phone via Bluetooth and will announce text messages on all 5 handsets I have scattered throughout the house so if I’m home, I’ll definitely know one way or another that I have a leak! LOL! This can also be setup for any notification from Wyze. For example, if you have a shed that nobody ever goes in, you could put an entry sensor on the shed and then have it speak the notification if the door opens and if you have something really important in there also send a text message to yourself. I’m going to also look into seeing if I can use this for the alarm monitoring too just to ensure I don’t miss the notification that my alarm was just activated. I know I can… I just need to put it in test mode and see the text that comes over then just make another macro for the alarm or I could just add that text to the same macro too I suppose :slight_smile:

Anyway, this works really well and I’ll attach an example of the super simple macro and a short video.

Short YouTube video example

If you have any questions just ask but it’s super easy. The MacroDroid app is available in the PlayStore and I think I recall paying for the app so I didn’t have to see ads but it wasn’t expensive if I did. Good luck and hopefully this will help some where their biggest complaint about the leak sensor is the lack of an adequate notification that you have a leak!

Sorry this doesn’t appear to be a solution for you Apple guys but just look for a good macro program where you can use a notification from an app as a trigger and you should be able to do similar :slight_smile:


Interesting solution. :slight_smile: To compensate for them using the standard notification alert on leak sensors, I created a trigger rule that says if a leak detector detects a leak, to sound an indoor V3’s siren. I created a second rule that if it still detects the leak 10 minutes later then sound the siren again.


That’s a good idea! I haven’t explored the rules too much yet except to give my step mom and my dad some relief at their house where I setup the Wyze alarm system in his shop and she has Bluetooth hearing aids and anytime somebody moved anywhere in his shop or opened a door she’d get beeps in her ears. Since his shop has people in it all day, this was a big problem! LOL It’s kinda baffling to me why you can’t just have it send out notifications only when the alarm is armed (on a sensor level because some still like to hear the door notification when disarmed) but it is what it is for now I guess. haha

I’m going to look into rules for the V3 siren for sure and all the other rules one can do :slight_smile: Thanks for the idea!

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