Water leak sensors installed - now what?

Ok, so I have setup up 3 water leak sensors.
They are all activated and working. So how does Wyze want us to use them? When the sensor detects a leak, then what? Do I have to be connected to the Wyze app watching for the leak to happen?
What are the various ways that I can be informed? other than flash a light somewhere in the house?

It can send a push notification to your phone, even without the app open (assuming you have default standard settings where apps are allowed to do this and aren’t blocking notifications, etc).

Some people create rules to have it set off a siren on one of their cameras when a leak is detected. You can do lights like you said, you can have it turn on a Wyze plug which causes any number of things to happen (some people have a plug control their sump pump or something), you can get creative.

I do a notification and for some of them a siren on one of the cams.

Some people have an old spare phone laying around and have Tasker watch notifications for one that says there is a leak, and then have Tasker push audio through their Google speakers to have Google announce anything they want like “Leak Detected”…Do you have an idea of what you would like it to do?


Example here on setting up Sirens with the Cameras that have sirens for when a leak is detected.
It works great for me. I also have it so it turns on a spotlight.


I was under the impression that if you subscribe to home monitoring you would get phone notification if leak sensor activated.

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Yes, sorry for any confusion. I tried to explain that above here:

To be clear ANYONE can get notifications about a leak even if they don’t have Home Monitoring. Just open a leak sensor, click settings, then Notifications, and select which notifications you want.

In addition, since the time I originally wrote the above, Wyze has now implemented a new feature called “Hazard Remediation” wherein a leak can actually be reported to the home monitoring company, Noonlight, who will then text or call you when a leak is sensed, AND have it set off the alarm on our HMS hub. So there are event more ways to be alerted about a leak now! The Hazard Remediation options can be set up in the monitoring tab, go to Home monitoring settings, then environment, and go through the options there to move leak sensors to be monitored sensors, and go into Hazard Remediation and turn on push notifications too. Now your detected leaks will set off a siren and have the monitoring company contact you to make sure you know. In addition, we can also now get discounts from our home insurance for leak protection too, and Freezing protection (for the HMS climate sensors), as well as the burglary protection! Very cool added features that came out this summer related to this. :+1:


I have 3 Leak Detectors installed and I have them added to my Home Monitoring System (HMS) Environment Hazard Remediation Monitored Sensors section along with 3 Climate Sensors that will alarm the HMS when they are below 32°.

I submitted these additions to Noonlight and they sent me an updated Monitoring Certificate. I emailed that to my Insurance Agent, just waiting for the updated discount to be applied.

Like others here in the forum, I also have my leak sensors as a trigger for a Wyze Rule to turn on a Wyze Plug when a leak is detected. I have a very loud but small siren plugged into that plug so that if a leak is detected, everyone in the house will be immediately alerted. I have tested this and it is a matter of only a couple seconds before the Siren and the HMS start alarming. I also get a push notification and have thought about adding my Wyze Bulbs to that rule so all the lights come on as well. Works very well!

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Oh cool! Let me know what your insurance agent says! I have not yet done this…

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Will do. I got a discount for the central burglary alarm, haven’t heard back yet on this upgrade though. Going to poke them this week.