Leak Sensor only sends notifacations, not text or email

Sometimes notifications can get over looked by accident and there is no way to retrieve them. Is there a way to have the leak alert sent as a text or an email, this way the alert is not lost.
Also is there a way to have the leak alert sent every hour until the leak clears?

If you Android, then there are a lot of Apps that will give you the flexibility for all of those things. When my leak sensors go off, mine do all the following:

  • Beeps loudly on my Sensor Hub (this is part of the HMS through the Wyze app)
  • I get a notification (from the Wyze app), I make it pin the notification so I can’t swipe it away (I use either MacroDroid or Buzzkill to do this)
  • I have it send me a text message (I could have it send an email too, but I don’t because emails get lost since I get so many) --I believe I use MacroDroid to do this.
  • I make it announce on my Google and Alexa Speakers that there is a leak. --I believe I use a webhook through MacroDroid to do this.
  • I have a couple of cameras trigger the siren sound in my house -I just do this through the Wyze App.

So, if you have Android, you can absolutely do lots of things like the above. I do many of them myself. I usually use BuzzKill and MacroDroid for most of my Notification automations, but there are many other options, including Tasker. I just tell them to watch any Notification from the Wyze app, and if any of them say “Leak” in the notification, it should do all the above.

I am not totally sure of all of the options through iOS. I assume it might be able to make a “Critical Notification” for a leak, but I am not sure. You can at least have it set off a siren on one of your cameras. That will make sure it doesn’t get missed. Apple isn’t too friendly with customization stuff though, so I know some of those things are fairly limited and may not be possible. But at least you could make a loud siren with Wyze rules.

Thanks Carverofchoice, seems like some good options from android, but alast I have an iPhone. I don’t have a camera so no options there :frowning:
Seems odd that there is no sure way to get a hard alert(email ortect) other than a fleeting notification that could be missed and goes away.

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There might be some other iOS options, but I am just not that familiar with what is all possible there :frowning:

Regardless, I agree that Wyze needs to at least allow leak sensors to have critical alerts on iOS if they didn’t already. That should be a no-brainer.

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