Wyze Leak Sensor/Climate Sensor Audible Notification

Please add an Audible notification for the leak sensor from the app or the Sense Hub (different than the contact sensor open notification) for a detected leak or reverse if water cleared.

Should a leak happen in the night audible notifications offer more of a priority response from a user who has been through more basement floods than one would want to go through.

Mod edit added Climate sensor as well

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Been there, unfortuately. :anguished:

I need a truly eye-opening notification sound on both phone and hub for leak detected. :astonished:

Also, it would be ideal if the hub notification settings for leak sensor notifications functioned like typical alarm settings, where the user could set max length in seconds/minutes/continuous until canceled.


Can’t agree more. Wyze sense hub could serve as the central place to notify (audible).

Audible notification is the first thing I noticed missing when I set this up and posted https://forums.wyze.com/t/leak-sensor-audible-alarm/197434


Would you mind if I merge your thread onto the end of this Wishlist topic?

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feel free @Seapup



Is there a way to set an audible alarm in the Wyze Sense Hub when a leak is detected?

What if there’s a leak in the middle of the night?



Not on the Hub at the moment, but if you have a V3 or Pan V2, you can set a rule to sound the siren when a leak is detected. You can also set a rule to turn the siren off when the leak clears, but with or without that second rule the siren will time out at 30 seconds if it isn’t turned off first.

You can actually set a rule to trigger most any Wyze device on the detection of a leak: Bulb, Plug, etc. Make a color bulb go red if you like. Turn the bulb off when the leak clears. Even tell your vacuum to stop cleaning and return to base, lol. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Newshound . Thought of siren before with one V3 that I have but it serves the purpose it was purchased for (can’t be heard in the middle of the night).

Honestly, having an audible alarm is something VERY basic I would think. If the sense hub detects it and sends notification, it should be very easy enhancement to sound an alarm. Hopefully, Wyze team will add this soon (not release V2 for everyone to buy again).


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:heavy_check_mark: done :+1:


I couldn’t agree more with the idea of a very loud siren when your house is being flooded. A “rule” would be perfect.

3 years ago I woke up at 3:00 am to put my foot down into 2 inches of water from a kitchen leak. My dog didn’t even sound the alarm. He was just looking down at the lake, then looking up at me, like “You seeing this?”

I was like “WTF?. What if Timmy had fallen down a well? You’re not gonna bark? You just gonna stare?”


Here’s a nice pic of my Vivint Flood sensor that also didn’t warn me from 4/2019… which is the time I started purchasing Wyze products. Coincidence… not at all. :smiley:


And the Rule I just made… however a native one would be nice as well, for those who do not have V3s or V2 Cam Pans.


Leak sensor Device Trigger Alarm Siren

I have had the Leak sensors placed on my basement and crawlspace sump pump for a month now to warn me if they stip working and the water level rises. 2 days ago my basement sump pump failed and the leak sensor caught it but it was just a regular notification that was missed on my phone causing over 1200.00 in damage to my basement, I bought the sensors to stop this from happening.

There needs to be a way to set a rule on the leak sensors to trigger the alarm siren when it detects a leak so a phone notification isn’t missed, this should also trigger a phone call from noon light if you are not in the home to tell you about a leak.

This needs to happen whether the home alarm is set or in idle.

Flood damage is just as bad as fire damage and should be treated as such.

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Please, add support for iOS time sensitive notifications! This is an absolutely critical need. The other day my upstairs tub leaked and was dripping through my dining room ceiling. My leak detector caught it, but I completely missed the notification. We absolutely must have more persistent notifications for critical alerts!!


Until they do this, I’m using my indoors V3 for siren notifications. You can use a Pan V2 also. I even have mine set to sound the siren again 10 minutes later if the water is still present. :slight_smile:


Thought this was on the wishlist already, but can’t seem to find it.

The Leak and Climate sensors should be able to set off the HMS Siren as a push notification is not going to wake most people up during the night should one of these get tripped.


While we wait, see my interim solution right above your suggestion. :slight_smile:


Yes, but not all of us have indoor v3s where it makes sense to use them for this.

I am buying an extra cam v3 just to use as the siren for leak sensors.
$30 for an alarm (siren) will work for me until Wyze figures this out. In the interim, I need a solution now.
Thanks @Newshound for letting us know about this. I can also use my external cameras as an outdoor siren if I decide that is required as well perhaps as a followup after 5 minutes of just internal siren.

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excellent suggestion. I will be buying an extra cam v3 as internal siren for leaks

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