Group Rule for Leak Sensors & Leak Detected Siren from Sense hub

Now they’ve finally arrived and 8 of the 13 are deployed - 2 observations

Leak sensors should be able to be grouped, and have a single rule assigned for a group.
If ANY leak detected, turn on all sirens (in my case only WCO’s are available), which leads to me next point:

The sense hub should be a siren for the leak sensors, this is simple logic.
IMO, all cams regardless of type should be able to wail thru their speakers as alarms.

Seriously - water damage is the most costly damage you’re home or business can go through outside of the premises exploding from a gas leak.


Alexa would be good
And/or a call/routine triggered via ifttt etc.

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Voted for those!

Same thoughts here. I’ve considered getting aV3 for inside, but should be able to get a alarm from the HMS even easier.


An iOS Critical Alert would also be appreciated.