Leak Sensor should be called the Weak Sensor

Oh, woe is me. I mistakenly thought that the wyze leak detector and home monitoring system would give me distinct, unmistakable and insistent notifications when the flood commenced. Little did I know that it pushes one, maybe two, little notifications to my phone. I did change the sound for the wyze app, but at home no one in the bedroom would know that the basement is filling up. Wyze’s leak sensor’s worst offense is its incompatibility with IFTTT and Alexa - Wyze is silent on that hoped-for feature. To be fair, Wyze is not alone in its lack of robust notifications. There are many other companies that produce anemic warning systems and they, too, are unable to work with IFTTT/Alexa. At the other end the Wally system set off a real siren at its hub (central notification) and scared the bejezuus out of me and everyone else in the house at 3 am. Alas, Wally was before its time and was incompatible with Smart homes. Is Wally even in business now?
I have since figured out that local, not central, notification is the most important feature and that remote notification is only useful if you can call someone with access to your NY house while you are in Hawaii. I am a slow learner.
I have also learned that there is no refund for Home Monitoring System from Wyze. Ouch.
To this end I will try the Govee system. Apparently all of its sensors are capable of firing off their own alarm locally, not centrally, so following the alarm will lead you to the leak, and the system is said to be compatible with IFTTT and Alexa. Please wish me luck.

To compensate for them using the standard notification alert on leak sensors, I created a trigger rule that says if a leak detector detects a leak, to sound an indoor V3 siren. I created a second rule that if it still detects the leak 10 minutes later then sound the siren again. :slight_smile:

The only catch I ran into was I could put all my leak sensors in a group together, but I couldn’t apply that rule to the group. Maybe a future enhancement will happen in that area. :crossed_fingers: In the meantime I created those two rules for each leak detector.