Wyze Leak Sensor - First Impression

Very excited about getting this product, let’s face it… if there is a water event for a homeowner. I’ve been though it. Flooded basements, failed hot water heaters, washers, fittings, plumbing, dishwashers, busted drain pipes… and the list goes on. So there is a reason I bought 15 of these guys.

I just deployed my first one in the area that had been a trouble spot for me over the years, my sump pump…its a really long set of stories in as a once new basement owner, but let’s just say I have 2 mechanical pumps, 2 battery backups, a WYZE camera watching the pit, and of course a leak sensor, well 2 now with the addition of the WYZE Leak Sensor.

Setup was easy, no issues and it connected right up to the Wyze Sense Hub. Got my Sticker!!! YESSSSS

, and my Digital App Badge (No I backed border, Booooooo)Screenshot_20210928-114357_WyzeBeta
But the important thing, it connected and works as intended (with notification) per my leak test (1) (Dipping the sensor in the cold depths of the sump pit) and when the leak or water has cleared (2).

You get notification if a probe is connected (3) or disconnected (4) so that is a plus if someone accidentally knocks the probe off

First I love the probe… It can get down into the sump and warn me if water is higher than than the pump kick on level meaning the pump(s) are not working or can’t keep up, versus an electrical device near or in the water. Where my first detector sat outside of the pit and would alert me as the water would be coming over the pit.

Now I can be notified at a level well before, allowing me to spring into action before any damage.

So far the only thing I see as missing related to my other leak sensor experience is an audible notification. With my other nameless device, the sensor has a very loud high pitched audible alarm when a leak is detected (think a body alarm, when you pull the pin it is supposed to scare off evil doers and alert someone to come to your rescue). The app will also send you mobile device an Alert with an Audible notification and Alert. This is missing from the Wyze leak sensor, you did get an alert on your phone but its mixed in with all the other Wyze alerts and not really showcased as it should be. ( I have submitted wishlist item in for that, Wyze Leak Sensor/Climate Sensor Audible Notification

That’s my first experience, happy to hear yours.


You can set a rule to sound the siren on a V3 or Pan V2 when a leak is detected. You can also set a rule to turn the siren off when the leak clears, but with or without that second rule the siren will time out at 30 seconds if it isn’t turned off first.

You can actually set a rule to trigger most any Wyze device.

On your uses, know that this device does not have an IP rating. I don’t think the main unit will be compromised by water, but the probe has a very slight gap where the cord enters. If you think the probe could end up fully submerged, then I’d consider a bit of RTV rubber sealant there.

Good write-up! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

and thank you for the Siren approach… I did not even think of that, I will take a look at that.

I did see that as I was dropping the probe into my Hot Tub (water level monitor)… Performing an non-clean install test now… Worst case scenario I hose a probe. I was going to leave it in there for a few days to see if it withstands submersion.


Best way to do that would be to remove it, because if it gets compromised it will always think it is submerged.


Great review, and I like your early warning system! I ended up putting my sensor+probe behind the fridge so I could know if a slow leak developed at the water connection. I’ve lost a nice wood floor to that one before.


I too could use a loud freakout siren that will wake me up right now. Maybe with the doorbell chime or something. I figure I’ll see what can be done with the rules. Maybe turn on all the lights to a certain color. I guess I could also use a plug to turn on a loud alarm, radio, or halloween strobe light or something.

These will be a force multiplier for my old Leak Frogs from Woot!. Not connected, but they make a nice loud beeping sound when leaks are detected.

Too bad these new sensors use button batteries. I’ll order some up.


I have the same frog (and from Woot!) . I liked the setup to detect washer/dryer leak along with it’s shutoff valve.


Let me make my own mistakes :rofl:

Appreciate the info, pulled it out will add some sealant on there and test.


Would be nice if there were also an integration with Alexa as well… If Leak Detected Sound Alarm on Alexa. Maybe another wishlist item.


I love that the sensor and probe can notify of leaks independently… this is a perfect use case for my utility room where I can place the sensor in the water catch basin of my hot water heater and put the probe in the run off drain for the Hot water heater and AC unit. It’s like two in one :+1:

Hindsight… :thinking:shoulda bought additional probes. :wink:


Leak Alarm using 2 v2 Cam Pans and a V3
With Shortcut Siren Shut off…
Learned my lesson with the Wyze Car Jump Video…

Rule for Sirens______________Siren Shut Off Shortcut

Thanks for the Tip @Newshound


#prolevelpostoftheday. Thanks! I’ll try this!


What a great tip. I am going to have to do this as well. Hopefully we will be able to link in the V2 Hub Siren soon as well.


I have not used the Wyze leak sensors so I can’t comment on them directly. However, I have used and do use several other brands. Currently using Govee sensors and likely switching to Moen sensors to connect to the Flo Moen valve.

The Moen valve is superior to others on the market in my opinion. When installing equipment like this in your home you really want to have some confidence in the quality and longevity/commitment in the company. The alerts from the Moen device are superior even to my alarm system. I get an email, text, app alert and phone call if the system detects unusual useage/leaks and will then shut the water off. If I have Moen leak sensors then when they are activated they automatically shut the valve off. I was hoping to be able to use other sensors and connect them through IFTTT, but will probably just have to invest in the Moen sensors.

Considering my use of Wyze devices I would convert from the Govee devices to the Wyze, but will not because they are not stand alone products. I have no use for the home monitoring in its current form. As that evolves, perhaps. There is a lot of possibilities beyond intruder security that Wyze could provide in the “home monitoring” space. Nest had an awesome ecosystem being build with “works with Nest” before G screwed that up. With the diversity of Wyze products now, they need to start thinking of how to interconnect within the product line. Lots of stuff, they just don’t work well together.

Great article but some things come to mind with photos bring up the following. Use steel enclosed hoses for ALL interior water supply, underneath sink, bathroom vanities, washer hookups (get those hookups replaced with 1/4 turn on/off valves) and turn off the water to the washer and/or dryer (steam machine) after each batch of laundry. This will keep down the use or need of a leak sensor. I still use the sensor and last week a little loose water trap underneath the kitchen sink went off. Tightened the trap compression ring and not heard a peep since. Going on a vacation (lucky you) turn off your hot water heater the day you leave and shut off the house supply of water at the street. Doing this will also help you if you ever loose power in -5 deg. snowstorms like we had here in Fort Worth last year when the while state went dark for days.

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Hi All, Great article and to everyone here thanks again for being part of the Wyze Community. We’re all super excited that you are enjoying the leak sensor! Wanted to give a sneak peak into what’s at work. 3rd party integration is most definitely coming. The team is to work to bring even more value for leak protection from both the HMS and hardware ecosystem perspective so stay tuned!


This is awesome news! Allowing them to link to Alexa would make it so useful to have Alexa make announcements such as “LEAK DETECTED FROM (APPLIANCE NAME)” broadcast throughout the whole house, etc. Or the reverse…like, if I keep one in my pet water bowl, it can announce (during daylight hours) when their water bowl gets too low for X amount of time in a row to remind my daughter to do her pet water chore. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work with adding more devices.

BTW @Dchou do you know if the leak sensors will ever count toward the HMS “Monitoring Certificate” that we print off to give to our insurance companies? Right now the Leak Protection isn’t being checked off on the certificate, it still only shows burglary protection. Will you guys be updating it to have Leak protection show or any of the other checkmarks on that certificate besides Burglary?


Thank you for the insight @Dchou. I look forward to these additions and appreciate you joining the discussion.

Any thoughts on using these devices to monitor water levels given their current construction?

And know how to drain your water pipes. At least as much as they can be drained.

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Lack of an IP is why I don’t have any. I am disappointed by this. I expected a device that plugged in and had an IP number so I could access it remotely like a camera. I wanted to use these for remote monitoring of different buildings.

I am sure V2 of the sensor will be free of Wires and Connectors…