Wyze monitoring

is there a way to use a wyze device for monitoring a sump pump in the basement?

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I have a V2 in my basement monitoring mine. Granted I dont have any special set up for notifications so I just check it periodically if its been raining a lot, via live stream. But its nice having peace of mind being able to check it on my phone without having to walk down to the basement all the time to check it.

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really? I didn’t know that. Where can I purchase this? this is not on their website.

thank you, I will check it out. It would be nice to monitor and have an app for it rather than having to go down to the basement and looking. I always forget to check, really I don’t even think about checking it so this would be perfect way

thank you. I am anxious to start using Wyze products but trying to figure out how to use them. I only want outdoor use, garage use is nifty by using the Wyze plugs and just today thought of the idea of monitoring my sump pump and come to realize a lot of people through of this idea before I did.

thanks for replying

Yup, its a much more convenient way to monitor it by just pulling out your phone and checking the live view instead of having to keep going up and down all the time. I also have a $10 audible water detector placed on the floor next to it so between that and the camera, I feel a little safer, and only spent $30 total. Eventually if Wyze comes out with the wifi water leak detector, I will buy that to replace the audible one, but for now what I have gives peace of mind at least.

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I love it. you just made my day. lol. that’s my kind of price, I’m going to look at this audible water detector, I imagine it’s on amazon. thank you very much

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That’s the water detector I bought

Perfect thank you. Between you and Tom, I’m all set and I too will be relaxed. :smiley:


No idea where it’s sold but I think Neos is their brand in the UK. No official Wyze integration I’m aware of.

I just purchased the v2 yesterday, I should get it in about a week. So looking forward to it

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I’m hoping maybe connect to an external speaker source it the alarm itself is it loud enough. Especially if the water sensor ends up underwater but still is sending out an alarm.

I know they want to keep it small.

Some PLUGS determine power usage. Maybe if plugged into a device which has that capability you could get notified when it comes on. Don’t know if the Wyze plug can do that. I know other ones can. Put a water sensor in a proper place and you might be able to do an ifttt …

The water sensor I bought is just a battery operated one that looks like a smoke alarm and makes the same sound as a smoke alarm, if water touches the terminals on the bottom. At some point I might get a wifi one, or a plug in one which I could set up the way you mentioned. But for now at least I have something for a little peace of mind

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I didn’t see this listed:

There’s a lot involved, but it works!