Sump Pump Monitor

Would love a sump pump monitor. Something similar to the PumpSpy.

Anyone that has ever had a basement flood or crawlspace knows the anxiety that goes along with it.

A sump pump monitoring device would help in identifying a failing or failed pump. The PumpSpy keeps track of cycles and sends alerts in the event of power failures or long periods of time without pump cycles. Water sensors would only help AFTER the pump has failed.

Looking for a sump pump water level monitor. Something like a Sumpie that works on the Wyze interface. Would like to track when water level goes down or is too high, before it overflows, and maybe a plug to track if pump is constantly running.

Ditto this. A water sensor would be great but you have to hang them pretty high in the sump pit to avoid unintended tripping…hang them too high and the water backs up into your drain tile and can start to make its way out on to the floor BEFORE the water level reachs the sensor.

Also really need this for sewage ejector pumps because as bas as ground water is to clean up…

YES PLEASE!!! I’d buy this for sure.

Yes, I would definitely buy something like this. Many homes have sump pumps and failed pumps cause flooded basements and lots of expense and problems. I have a pumpspy and it works great but I would like something more sophisticated that could monitor the pump activity and predict pump failure, test the pump etc. The new pumpspy monitor has some of these features but is not available in Canada and it needs another app.

I would like to see a monitor that monitors power to the pump and tracks on/off cycles and times. Adjustable alarm if unit has not cycled in so many minutes or hours. This would alert you to a failed switch or pump before the water sensor tripped. Could incorporate water sensor and backup battery sensor etc.

This would be nice to have it integrated into the Wyze system, but look at Pump Spy

I looked at that but the price was a bit discouraging. Maybe integration to Wyze and a branding opportunity.

Here might be a partial solution. Shelly 1PM can monitor power consumption. If the wattage goes up over X amount of time, you know your pump is running.*111jr5d*_up*MQ..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4Im_htbmgAMV0gytBh0c7wygEAAYAiAAEgJuG_D_BwE

I definitely would be buying a sump pump water sensor