Wyze Outdoor Plug - App Alerts

I just received my outdoor plugs, I am using one of them in my basement to plug one of my sump pumps into. My hope was to be able to use the energy usage, and or app notifications to know if the pump runs for a period of time. I see where I can trigger another Wyze device, but it would be nice to see an option to just do an app, or email, etc. type of notification.

Example: Sump Pump turns on, runs 5 minutes, I receive notifications in the app, email sent out.

If there is a way to do it I am not able to figure it out, if it’s not doable, I think it would be a nice addition.


Currently you can accomplish it with IFTTT (supported by wyze) and apilio, or Google Assistant (maybe Alexa too) I use most of them, for complex rules.