Sump Pump Cam ... with Clamp light on smart switch

Ok, I’ve always been worried about my sump pump … as I’m sure are all owners of sump pumps.

One overflow can wreck your entire day … as well as cost you dearly.

I have several wifi moisture detectors set up in and around the sump pump … but for whatever reasons, I would get an occasional false alarm … only to hurry home or send in a friend if we are out of town to check on any alarms, even the false alarms.

So I set up a sump pump cam … and positioned an LED clamp light, operated by a smart switch. (Only the light is controlled by the smart switch. The camera runs 24/7 and works well in night vision with light off)

I mounted the camera on a board, zipped-stripped to a couple of bricks so the camera and board wouldn’t tip over or float away in an overflow.

Using the smart switch, I can flick the light on or off at will, 24/7, to illuminate the pit.

Here are some pix of the project. It’s working great! Also getting “motion alerts” on my Apple Watch. Pretty slick!

Clamp Light and camera position (before mounting on bricks):

Zipped and mounted on bricks:

Actual WYZE snapshot with light on.

Apple Watch alert:

A motion detection alert video when the sump pump runs with light off. Works well in complete darkness.

Ok, I admit. A bit of overkill. But for the cost of a camera and an $8 clamp light on a $10 smart switch, I have the ability to check on my sump pump remotely … and get notified every time it runs … or be able to see the watch pouring out of the pit and know I really, really have a problem

(In the interest of truth … the sump pump cam was my brother-in-law’s idea (He’s smarter than me!). But hey, I turned him onto WYZE cameras so I feel free to share how I am using his idea for a sump pump cam).


You will find all kinds of uses for monitoring stuff with a Wyze cam because they are inexpensive and easy to use. Right now, one of mine is sitting inside my freezer watching the function of the automatic ice maker. Trying to figure out what it is doing wrong. I’m sure the repair tech will get blown away when instead of trying to describe the problem, I show a video.


Great idea.
My basement flooded last September.
I wasn’t done with repairs and insurance companies until February.


The sump pump cam is working great. We’ve had some rainy weather, in addition to ground thaw … so I finally turned off Notifications for the Sump Pump cam because the pump was running frequently! One additional comment … with the camera that close to the pit, the night vision works great … still get event recordings, notifications, etc. The HD view with the clamp light on is crystal clear also! I’m a happy sump pump owner now (in addition to being a happy Wyze Cam owner).

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Angus.Black – Sorry to hear it took so long for your insurance company and repairs to get the job done. I, too, have had sump pump woes in the past … even had sump-pump-backup-systems fail. I’m loving the “eyes on” ability I have now. I mean, I can check it from my easy chair or from the road, 24/7

I have a Cam keeping an eye on the sump pump also but it’s mounted up high , has a view of the cover.
Cover must be on it all times and gaps taped up, to keep the cat from knocking stuff down there , had one pump seize up because of that.
Also have one set up keeping an eye on water pump gauge

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[quote=“HDRock, post:6, topic:92728”]
view of the cover.
Cover must be on it all times and gaps taped up

Scared me when I started reading your post. I thought maybe it was plumbing “code” to keep cover on and taped up. We have no pets or small kids, so hopefully nothing will find its way into the pit and cause the float to jam.

But then again, it wouldn’t surprise me that in trying to monitor and prevent a problem, it will cause me a problem someday. It’s the way life works out sometimes!

I wasn’t concerned about a problem until the chit hit the fan “impeller” :grin:

I love you idea to monitor the sump pump. but do I need a smart watch, can’t I just use the Wyze app on my iPhone? also what is the light for if the camera works well at night? also, how do you get notifications if the sump pump is working or not. Please explain, I would really like to do this. the sump pump is something I don’t think about all the time and plus like you said if there’s a heavy downpour and away from home, it would be nice to get notified, thank you. Yolanda

No you don’t need smart watch to monitor sump pump camera. Set camera to motion and sounds. I don’t use light often, but occasionally it’s neat to turn on light to take a close up pix.


I assume I do all this in the settings. I am really anxious to start using Wyze. sorry for a lot of questions. lol


I also want to ask. What camera? the Wyze v2 or an outdoor camera? its really hard to see.

It’s a V2. You should be able to get alerts from the sound of the pump coming on.


excellent. I am purchasing that v2 cam. thank you very much

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I may do the same. My basement flooded a year ago. Took from Sep. to Feb. to get everything repaired.
Never had a drop of water for 24 years. The Hurricane Dorian arrived. :unamused:

My pump failed a few years ago and flooded my basement. After I got a new one about 7 years ago I saw some wet stains in a 1 by 1 area of my basement and it totally scared me. I looked up how to test the pump and luckily it tested good and looks like I have several more years out of this one but I don’t want to take a chance of not keeping it monitored. So when I heard about the Wyze products I checked them out to try to figure out uses, I only want outdoor use for my porch and back yard but what other important uses, I received perfect ideas and I am going to use them, this will be peace of mind. I will still test every now and then, but in case I forget to even test, this set up is perfect.

And if you are really worried about your sump pump … you can even click on sump pump camera in Wyze app and watch the live view, 24/7. (I’m joking! Although I do admit during the rainy season, when the sump pump is running every 10 minutes or so, I might sit and watch a cycle … just for fun. Ok, not just for fun, but during the Covid shut-down, when I ran out of any constructive things to do, from the comfort of my easy chair, too lazy to go downstairs. Ha!).

:joy::joy: I know what you mean. I like gadgets like this. I won’t be surprised if I watch what’s going on with the sump pump for a while, lol

I get a video clip every time my sump pump runs because the pipe and the wire for my water detractor wiggle just a little and cause motion when pump kicks on


I do too! Even with just night vision in pitch black dark of night. Works like a charm and is comforting to know the sump pump is working.

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