Cam + Plug == No flood in my basement

Some construction at my house has exposed our downspout drainage. As a result, heavy rains were just filling up our construction pit of despair, and threatening to spill into the hole in the house.

For some control, I routed the water into a tub with a sump pump attached to a wyze plug. I can check the Cam pointed at the tub, and activate the plug so it drains over to the most dry part of the lawn instead into the pit!

I realize there are much more elegant and automatic sump applications with floats and whatnot…this is just what I had, and thanks to Wyze, it’s a great makeshift solution.


Pretty handy use.
Just make sure to set a timer to remind you to check so you don’t accidentally forget.

How fast does it fill up? Like, will it start to overflow in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping?

One way you could automate it is to stick a leak sensor/probe at a certain level. Then when the water reaches that level, it will trigger a leak detection, which you could use as a trigger to turn on the plug for X amount of time and then automatically turn off. :+1:

Of course, that only works if you have the Wyze Sense hub with a leak sensor.

another option would be to set a plug schedule to run for x amount of time at certain times automatically so you can’t forget. Then you could just run it a big longer manually once in a while when you check it on the camera and see that it needs a longer run.

How long will this be needed?


In a heavy rain (which isn’t so common here in Utah), it takes 20 or 30 minutes to fill up, so I did just as you suggested and set a timer.

I do have some leak sensors. might just try that, but I wonder if they would dry enough to reset, etc. Would be a fun test either way.

The timer is another great idea…I’ll do next time if I’m not in a place to watch it.

I should only need this for another few weeks until the construction gets to a point where I can bury the drain. That said…it’s been “only a few more weeks” for about 6 months. So…forever? :wink:

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Oh cool, I live there too, so I understand.

If you try the leak sensor thing, let me know how it goes, it would be interesting to hear a followup. :slight_smile:


Yeah, construction has been rough lately around here. My brother just finished building his house, and it got super delayed repeatedly for months as well, so I totally hear you on that!


Pretty sweet use @themdg!

Haven’t seen you around in awhile, of course that could totally be my fault.

Love @carverofchoice idea with the Leak sensor probe.

SmartVision with rules would also be cool here if they could be used as a trigger.


I was thinking the same thing about the smart vision until I remembered it can’t be used as a trigger. I wish they would allow triggers like that. It would be very cool. They could just add to every cam: Smart vision detected state and smart vision not detected state as a trigger. If you don’t have smart vision set up, they would just never trigger, but if you have it set up, then they will trigger. --I wish it worked like that.


Indeed. In this case could be used as just a notification.

Add a white line to the tub, and if not seen, water = full, go turn on switch! :grin:


That’s actually a really good point. If the camera had cam plus on it, you could use the smart vision to create a notification anytime the water got to a certain level.
Then if you’re using Android, you could have an app like MacroDroid or BuzzKill blow up your phone in a way it is impossible to miss. SlabSlayer does this with lots of fancy automations.


Yep, all that fancy macdroid talk of his made me go buy it :rofl:

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Me too, but it’s worth it IMO. If you go to the “Templates” tab and search for “Wyze,” he has a bunch of his templates uploaded there that we can just save and modify to our specific devices. So you could always pick like the Leak Detection template that will “Blow up your phone” and just change the trigger to be something like this use-case here…when smart detection detected notification shows up, then do all those actions. You are guaranteed not to sleep through or miss that critical notification :rofl:

Good ol’ @SlabSlayer doing good work posting useful Wyze templates on Macrodroid for everyone. There are some pretty cool ones worth checking out if you haven’t.

He helped me figure out how to make Alexa announce when my family members leave or arrive home, or to or from certain other important places I program. For example, I use this to know when my wife is a few seconds away from getting home from Grocery shopping so I can head up to help carry everything in as soon as she gets here, or when she gets here with the toddlers so I know to go help bring them in. Very handy stuff.


Not your fault. I took a position at a startup, and so naturally also took another 9-5 job to make ends meet. :slight_smile:

I’ve not heard of Macrodroid. I’ll check it out!

I was thinking I could also use some elaborate float device and use a door/contact sensor to trigger the plug. So many great ways to solve things.


I have a friend that recently did the exact same thing.
Congratulations and good luck!

Ohhh yea the contact sensor is a good Idea too. Of course if the magnet is near the water :grin:

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Yes, the contact sensor would definitely end up being a Rube Goldberg or Doofenshmirtz level contraption…for sure. :slight_smile:

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You could also put a block of wood, or some other floating device, in the tub. If the camera detects movement, turn on the pump.