Flood prevention, Wyze to the rescue!

So recently our garage flooded due to a broken pipe deep behind the wall. This was not going to be resolved right away and the garage kept flooding! The water was soaking through the block and filling up the lower empty blocks and then out on to the floor.

Even though we turned off the water I found that every 5 minutes or so it will fill up and spill out. The ground was so saturated behind the wall that it kept filtering down.

I was NOT about to wake up every 5 minutes to turn on a pump or vacuum out the water and I didn’t want to deal with another flood the next morning.

Wyze to the rescue!

I got my v3 cam and set it up in front of the block that was spilling out to the garage. I used my Wyze outdoor plug and connected a small pump that could run dry and not get damaged.

I then set up the detection zone on the v3 cam to detect movement in a specific zone.

I pointed it at the area that was filling up quick and placed a fishing bobber on a weight with some line in the middle. I setup a routine that when the v3 cam detected movement in that zone (the bobber coming into view due to the water filling up the cavity) it would trigger the outdoor plug to turn on for 3 minutes. This was just enough time for the water to drain and the bobber to go out of view of the cam and the detection zone.

I then ran a hose to the pump and placed it outside of the garage.

It worked GREAT! I was able to monitor it remotely and it never flooded again.

Thanks Wyze for making so many great, simple products that just WORK!!


Sorry to hear about the leak. But what an ingenious idea. Glad it helped out


Brilliant ingenuity! This was really cool to read. You had some really insightful thoughts on how to automate everything. I mean, in a similar situation I might not have thought of the bobber idea to ensure motion triggered, that was just great! I loved the photos, it helped the rest of the story a lot.

Seriously, that Wyze equipment definitely paid for itself multiple times over, both financially and your sanity so you could get some sleep. So cool. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wyze wants to link to this in one of their newsletters.

I hope you’re able to get everything fixed more permanently.


Great MacGyver job!


Technology to the rescue

Sorry to hear about the busted pipe , I’m glad you were able to find a way to get the water out and save you the hassle of having to physically do it .

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I would have loved to see a timelapse from an observing camera. That would’ve been cool.


Oh yeah, it definitely saved our sanity. I was such a nerd about it, my wife was next to me watching TV and I was watching water fill up a block on my phone all night. LOL

Glad you enjoyed the post! :slight_smile:


I imagine that was oddly satisfying.

Very smart with the bobber, glad it worked!