What components do I need?

I’m trying to figure out what components I needs to buy. I’m pretty sure I want a Floodlight camera over my garage and a second V3 camera placed where I can see people walking up to my front door. I don’t want a doorbell cam and I also don’t want to be fudging with batteries. Lastly, I want to be able to record video. Planning on the Cam Plus Pro subscription. So who can tell me what I need to make these two cameras function?
The plan is to put the floodlight on the garage where the existing one is and then the V3 cam in the window to the left of the fireplace.


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Welcome to the forum! The floodlight cam will be perfect above your garage, just ensure you have good wifi out there. Also, some people have reported that the LED bulbs interfere with their wireless garage door remotes, so keep that in mind. If your current floodlight is LED it should be fine though.

The v3 will also be a great choice over by your door. Are you planning on putting it on the inside facing out? If so, your going to have to disable IR lights for night vision mode as that will cause a reflection in the window. The v3 cam is fully waterproof and outdoor rated, so ideally you can put it outside.

Wyze also has a lamp socket, depending on how that light fixture on the corner is you may be able to install it and plug the v3 into there. Doesnt look like that fixture opens though.

Another idea is the outdoor cam, you said you dont want to charge batteries but if you pair it with a wyze solar panel in my experience with 2 cams they stay 100% even though they record pretty much as much as possible without cam plus. Those are all ideas.

Lastly, cam plus pro is for professional monitoring, so people will watch your cameras if theres an event and the camera is armed, and could dispatch emergency sevices. If you just want longer recording, and AI detection you can go with Cam plus which doesnt have the facial recognition or the pro monitoring.

If you only need 12 second event videos with a 5 minute (or was it 1?) cooldown, you can go with Cam plus lite. This subscription includes recording event videos and person detection, but no other AI detections. This is a pay what you want a subscription, even as low as 0 dollars a month, so it can be completely free if you dont want to pay for it.

Let me know what you decide, and congrats on your new wyze gear :smiley:

What light fixture are you referring to? If you mean the one in the center of the picture, that lamp is on a pole about 4 feet from the house. It’s not attached to the house.

Oh i see that now, yea thats the one, nvm with that idea then :smiley:

However, since we just had the house painted a couple of weeks ago, I’ve installed a new porch light near the front door. I see how the socket screws into the lamp and gives you USB capability. Then I can run the cable long the breezeway to the V3 cam near the front of the house. So that will work for that application. I’ve ordered the socket from Amazon, as it wasn’t listed on Home Depot’s webpage. The floodlight, cam, and SD chip I have on order with Home Depot. I’m leaving for Mazatlan on Monday for 11 days so won’t get to the install until after June 3rd. I’ll post an update. Thanks!

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