Cable for 2nd Cam for Floodlight

The 2nd cam to attach to the floodlight cam will need a cable that is weatherproof. The included USB cable that comes with the cams don’t look like they are made for outdoors or are weatherproof. Does Wyze have a cable for this purpose? If not where do we find one?

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The usb port on the back of the floodlight is inset a bit and has a rubber gasket. The pigtail on the cam also has a rubber sleeve, so you can use the included cable, both ends will be protected.


The cable that goes to the camera is rated for outdoors it seems, I’ve been using the floodlight and added a second v3 by powering it through the back usb port and I the cable to that camera has been exposed out in the open and been through rain, hail, sleet, and snow for over 1 year and it’s been working fine ever since :slight_smile:

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Question! I am having issues with connecting a 2nd v3 on my floodlight, are you using the cable provided by wyze to connect it to the floodlight? How far is the 2nd camera from the floodlight?

Yes, I’m using the cable provided by wyze. It’s about an inch away from the floodlight

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Thanks. I have done many things to figure out what the problem is and I came to conclusion that the USB is not supplying enough power to the 2nd camera. However some people are not having this problem like yourself. I wonder if changing the breaker to a higher amp fixes this problem but I do not have the expertise to change a breaker or the usb port/floodlight is at fault.

A higher breaker Amperage will not help and is a potentially dangerous solution. Most household breakers are 15Amp, Garage can be 20Amp provided it was wired with 12 gauge wire rather than household 14 gauge wire.

Breakers are safety devices designed to cut off the power if the current draw gets too high for the wiring. It cuts out before the wire heats up and causes a fire. Putting over amped breakers in will most likely exceed the rated capacity of the wiring and introduce a safety risk.

The floodlight is receiving 110V on a 15A circuit. The V3 Cam only requires 5V and 1A. The auxiliary USB port on the floodlight is USB 2.0 and should be well suited to provide the necessary power to a V3 cam. If you believe the port isn’t providing enough power, it needs to be tested by a power meter.

Thanks for the input. I am buying a usb voltage tester and see if the problem is the power. I reached to this conclusion because whenever I plug in the v3 on the wall outlet it works just fine. Then whenever I plug it kn the floodlight it gets connection issues AND the main v3 camera gets connection issues as well. The main V3 doesn’t have that problem for over a year until I plug in a second one. I hooked up an AP to my garage to test it out and I was thinking maybe its really a connection issue but both of them starts having an issue still. The 2nd v3 when its working for a short time while in floodlight will livestream with blue lines like you see back with old TVs though when its in a wall outlet it doesn’t have that problem. I also have changed the cables multiple times but its still not working properly. Oh and I sure am uneducated enough not to mess with the breaker so no I am not going to do that.

It certainly does sound like the combined V3 cams are causing a power shortage on the USB circuit. I don’t know how that is internally wired… if they are on the same USB bus or seperate. But, it may also be an issue of intereference between the two cams on the WiFi.

Should I install the 2nd one far from the floodlight? I’ll give that a try.

Edit: You know what, when I get home I’ll plug it in on my outdoor outlet and install it right next to the floodlight. If it works properly then its on the floodlight.

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Just found this thread you may want to post into. Others experiencing the same behavior from the auxiliary USB port on the Floodlight…

Edit: Duh! :man_facepalming: Just realized you are already active in that thread. :rofl:

Yes. That issue has been around as long as the flood light has. There has been no fix to this issue that I am aware of. I have moved my second camera to another location because there was no additional power source on my second floor next to the flood light. I have had no issues with the camera since it has been moved. So this seems to rule out a camera fault. I agree with many others that the problem lies with the power provided by the USB port on the flood light. Seems to be a design flaw, though not everyone seems to experience the issue.

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Hello, I am experiencing this same problem as well. I just installed latrest firmware on both V3 cameras. and floodlight Firmware is also up to date. Whenever i attach second camera to floodlight, neither camera will communicate with network. Something fishy going on Wyze. Wassup???