Wyze Floodlight 2nd camera issue

I have been experiencing an issue with the 2nd v3 camera I installed to my floodlight. The camera is connected to the integrated USB port on the floodlight. The camera is getting a good wireless signal and works for a few days before it stops working and displays “Device is offline (error code 90) .” The only way for me to fix the issue is to cycle the breaker that the floodlight is on since it is installed on the second floor. Has anyone else had an issue with adding a second camera?

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It it only happening to the second camera, or the floodlight camera as well. Does this happen to any other devices, or just that one? Is your network stable, often time if the devices go offline from a wifi issue they dont come back unless power cycled.

It only happens to this device. When I check the signal strength on the device info page, it displays 2 out of 3 bars. I would think if it was a signal issue the device that was farther away from my router would be impacted as well.

Yea it’s probably not a signal issue, but does your network drop out often? This could cause issues. Other than that I’m not sure, you could submit a log in the devices settings > Wyze support > Submit a log. Then contact support and give them your log number.

My router is fairly new and the statistics from that device show no network drops during the incidents the camera dropped.
I have already been through support for this issue. My case was closed with no resolution. I also submitted the device logs during that case. I was basically left with advice to wait for future firmware that may resolve the issue. I was just curious if this was an isolated incident that I am dealing with or if others have experienced this issue.

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help, it is a know issue with devices not coming back online after a network outage, can’t they have said around June they are hoping to have a fix for most devices. I haven’t heard too much about them dropping for no reason though… as long as you gave them those logs they will eventually get to them, so just wait for firmware updates…

Same issue here

I’ve also been experiencing the same issue. Second V3 camera connected to the Wzye Cam Floodlight keeps going off line and I must disconnect the connector to reboot the camera. It is not a wifi issue. This has been happening for the last few months.

Yes. A big PIA. 2nd camera is only 4 inches from the Main Floodlight camera in the same line of sight to the source of the wifi - which operates flawlessly and ALWAYS works. The 2nd camera (and I’ve switched to a backup camera, and swapped out cables on each camera) operates SOMETIMES. Mostly not at all. Interest side note is that the data rate monitor in the Wyze App is really low on the second camera - but not on the primary. Also note that the 2nd camera works flawlessly by itself when plugged into an outlet for power. I can only think that the power module in the floodlight unit is causing the errors (low power?). This just renders the entire concept of the piggy-back capability of the flood light useless. Very disappointing.

Having the same Wyze v3 floodcam issue described by multiple users above. Attempted two resolutions on the floodcam’s 2nd camera USB-A port to correct the errors - both failed: 1. swapped in a new v3 camera cable, and 2. swapped in a new v3 camera . Result - same intetmittent failures continued repeatedly, with “Connection failed” and / or “error code 90” displayed. Next, (keeping the 2nd camera and floodlight in the same location) unplugged the 2nd camera from the floodlight’s USB-A and moved it a separate USB adapter plugged directly into a wall outlet. Result - No further errors, the 2nd v3 camera now worked perfectly, in the same location. This strongly suggests these failures are not a wifi signal strength or proximity issue, not a v3 camera issue, and not a cable issue. The USB-A female port on the Wyze floodcam appears to be the problem source. I wondered whether I got a “lemon” floodcam, or if this is a flaw in the Wyze floodcam’s circuitry design. Per all the reports above, I believe it must be a product design flaw in the floodcam’s 2nd camera USB-A port. I liked the Wyze floodcam otherwise, except for this 2nd camera problem (which is a big one). Tough decision now - keep the wyze floodcam for its other features, or return it?

I have had the same issue, since I bought this floodlight camera package and extra camera, I called and worked with support, and I gave all the required photos and information, but I still seemed to get the run around with different support people, asking for the same data, I had already provided, and seemed to be a game as they would promise, to replace the flood light, but never came through, and to not really support the hardware, they did not design, as I was trying to explain to them the floodlight is not providing enough 5v power to the USB port for the 2nd camera for whatever reason. Most likely after seeing all the issues with everyone cheap capacitors built into flood light, bad Q.C when made, before boxing, the fact that these security cams, sort of match, other cheap, jump on the security camera system bandwagon companies. Since I have had 10 months left on my Wyze subscription, and already have the system up, What I did to get me by, until that time, I can rip it off the wall and trash it or use them for target practice, is put a little cheap mobile USB battery, in between flood light and 2nd camera, the USB port from flood light gives 5ish-volts, but little to no amps, enough to trickle charge the USB mobile battery, and the USB battery provides enough power to keep 2nd webcam on, Battery seems to stay charged enough to keep the 2nd camera running without issue, the way I set it up, I went from USB port on flood light, the mobile USB battery in, then from mobile USB battery out port to 2nd web camera. And Wyze will never admit sub-par quality or lack of QC at the China factory or even admit it is an issue, as they would have so many to replace, and after my experience with their support, of 3 weeks of back and forth with support, to get nowhere, they seem to wait and drag it out until you can’t return it to Amazon or the store you bought it from. And don’t bother trying to contact me Wyze support, you burnt that bridge already.

Im having the same issue. I would guess that the usb port is not giving enough power for the 2nd camera. Were you able to find a fix or did you smash the floodlight to pieces?

Hi, no it is not smashed yet, LOL and not fixed, not without taking the floodlight apart and looking at it and going through it with a volt meter to find the error, and Wyze will not pay me a engineering wage to figure out, lol, which I didn’t do, the portable USB battery Idea was a temporary solution, I got a long female USB-A to male USB-A extension cable and found a power outlet and plug it straight into power using the little power plug the second cam came with. I didn’t have a sunny area or I would have used a little solar panel and little portable USB battery back up, and that would have worked great, but should we have too? Nope. Wyze knows about this and refuses to take action, so shady, I’m just waiting for my already paid subscription to run out, then will look for different software, firmware (if possible and I believe it is with open source software) and or just replace the Wyze cams with a better brand and better software.

I see its good to hear that they’re not in pieces yet lol. I have no problems with my other devices and are very happy with them. Subscription is also cheap for what it does. I just want this usb port to work properly! Since Wyze isn’t going to do anything about it, I also wonder how some people do not have this problem. Some even powers their v3 cam pan through the port. I am positive that this is power problem and it affects the main v3 whenever I plug the 2nd camera in the port. I highly doubt that we can send it in for repair lol.

What cable are you using to connect the floodlight extra port to the camera? The included cable, or a different one?

I have tried a few to be honest, and different end thickness to make sure they plug in all the way, I think this was a batch issue to be honest, as some people have the issue and some do not, the joy of using poorly Q.A Chinese devices.

I was going to use this Amazon.com: Solar Panel for Security Camera,5W USB Solar Panel with Micro USB & USB-C Port,IP65 Waterproof Camera Solar Panel with 360°Adjustable Mounting,9.8 Ft Charging Cable : Patio, Lawn & Garden along with a small external battery in a sealed box, but figured after the support Wyze gave, I jumped through hoops getting wanted info from flood light, explaining the issue, then nothing, then another person would try support and want the same info, like they were waiting for the return window at Amazon to expire, and they kept saying we are going to replace it, but never did. So why would I invest more on a device that company that brought to market, not wanting to fix known issue with flood light or support it by replacing it with a known good working one.

I have tried the included ones and 2 others.

I ordered a couple from Amazon recently, and they both had 202203 date codes. Seems they made a slew of these and then stopped, unless anyone got anything newer.

I’m having the same issue with 2 of my floodlight cameras. Did anybody get to a resolution?