Wyze Floodlight issues?

Hoping some of you with a little more experience might be able to help on this! I have installed a wyze flood light with optional camera as well. The camera’s are not connecting properly. They lose the signal, when I power cycle they will sometimes come back on. At first I thought it was maybe the wifi signal so I’ve installed another hotspot literally 10’ from the cameras and no change! I changed out the additional camera to a new one thinking that was perhaps the issue. reacting the same. I am at a real loss, the only thing I haven’t tried with the additional camera is see connect it to power directly versus through the flood light. Would appreciate any advice or suggestions this situation!

Maybe connect your phone to the 2.4 GHz band of your network and see how many bars it has at the floodlight location. Is there any way you can verify that the Floodlight cams are connected to your local hotspot? Not that it is perfect, but also how many bars do the cams show in the app (settings > Device Info > Signal Strength [# of totally black bars]).

Kinda having a similar issue I guess.
Bought the Floodlight Cam months ago and finally just got around to connecting it. During setup it told me it had weak signal, but I just kinda ignored it and wrote it off as a hiccup because the V3 maybe 10 inches away from it has fantastic signal. After setup was completed I could get video, but it was really laggy and stuttery. I just shrugged and went ahead and installed the updates it requested immediately after setup.
A minute later while trying to configure the PIR and floodlight it just kinda stopped connecting…
I tried moving a mesh wifi puck much closer (20 feet maybe?) and it just refuses to give video signal still.
Power cycles haven’t helped.
I don’t get it and I’m getting frustrated.

Is this the only Wyze camera you have? I would try to connect the light inside first where you know wifi is good and strong or if you have another camera that works in that area. I find that my cameras at the edge of my wifi drop in and out more, Or maybe just return them and get a replacement. Sometimes they do reset especially if you’re trying to scrub through the footage on the memory card. That’s more normal from what I’ve experienced.

FWIW, I would only try connecting it in the home if you have a basic knowledge of electricity. It’s a simple thing to do, but no use in getting a shock.

Mine does the same thing. This product is junk!

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Same issue. Floodlight and cam lock up and doesn’t respond after a few days, comes back upon power cycle.

This unit is mounted right next to & powered off the same circuit as a Wyze cam v3 that does not have this issue.

Same thing. I have to keep flipping the switch for it to come back online. I have found two settings almost bricks the Wyze Cam V3 every time: the siren shortcut and the flash with siren option. Don’t touch those two options. This is clearly a firmware problem and not hardware. They have sleeping on beta bugged firmware for too long now. Wyze gave me a gift card for the value I paid for the floodlight but I had an electrician install it. I would need to pay an electrician again to remove that one and install a new one. Real bad Wyze. Fix the firmware.

Samesies! I have posted about this under the camera category as have others. I love Wyze and all the other products are working great for me. However, this floodlight has been nothing but problems. I thought it was the fact that I had added an extra camera to it via the USB port and that was somehow pulling too much power. I disconnected the extra camera and I am still having to unplug and reset the integrated camera on a regular basis. I want to love this product but it is hard when it isn’t reliable.

Oh count me in! I’ve been having a problem with my 2nd v3 connected to the floodlight. It won’t stay connected and will have blue lines on livestream. I noticed that the main v3 also are facing connection issues whenever I connect the 2nd V3 to the floodlight port! This is definitely not connection problem and it looks like a power issue just like the others were having with their v3 spotlight and wyze cam pan v3 whenever they’re using longer cables!

I have been looking for s solution and don’t want to give up. So far I have tried reinstalling, adding another AP, changed cables, and power cycling the floodlight. The only thing that I haven’t tried is smashing the v3 into pieces. Oh and the v3 works fine when it’s plugged in the wall outlet with the provided adapter.

Anyway is there a high quality micro usb cable better than the one wyze provided? I’d like to see if it could fix it. Probably something like power+data micro usb cable?