Wyze Floodlight installed, but only connects to the V3 cam?

I’ve tried installing my Floodlight twice, and both times, I get a great connection to the V3cam, but can’t sense the Floodlight. I don’t have any settings to control the floodlight. I go to (Gear) > Accessory > Floodlight , but all that tells me when I state it’s already installed is that “Uh oh… Something is wrong. Please check your wi-fi connection and unplug your floodlight and plug it back in before trying again!”

Unplug the floodlight? I only had two wires to connect it, and I’m not taking it down every time I have an issue. I’ve cut power to it by turning off the breaker and then turned it back on, but every time I remove the device from the app and res-install, I never get floodlight settings available. The signal is pretty solid to the V3 cam, so I don’t know why I’m not seeing the floodlight.

NOTE: The floodlight DOES work. It turns on at full brightness at the smallest droplet of water or snow. I just want to adjust its settings. For the love of God and the sanity fo my neighbors, please tell me what to do.

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I have the same issue. Have reset and added three times with no luck.

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I have 3 floodlights and they all work.

I have the same issue and came here looking for answers.

Call Tech Support, this is not normal.

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Any chance you resolved this issue? I’m having the exact same problem. Everything had been power cycled, reset, removed and reinstalled multiple times. The camera works great, the app just doesn’t recognize the floodlight.

Have you called Tech Support? The above says this is not normal.