Floodlight not coming on

I noticed today that my flood light is not turning on… My V3 Camera is working OK and I do have a video feed to that. However, I can’t get into the accessory/floodlight on my Wyze app.
When I go into my V3 camera, that’s attached to the floodlight and I go to accessory’s and then tap on flood light. It’s asking me to buy a flood light, but then it also has an indication to click here if you already have a flood light.
It states there’s something wrong to check my Wi-Fi connection or unplug the camera.
I turned off power to the camera and floodlight and rebooted still no success. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze app, and still no luck. Finally, I uninstall the device and reinstalled the floodlight and camera.
The flood light is still not being recognized, is not turning on?
When I go into the accessory/floodlight it still says somethings wrong and to check my Wi-Fi connection? The Wi-Fi connection is fine. Please advise.

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That has happened to me a few times. What I found helped, was to sometimes load up the live stream first. Then after the live stream has been running for a bit, and the camera is definitely connected, then I can access the floodlight settings.

In the live stream, can you toggle the floodlight on and off with the little floodlight icon?

I ran into this issue only once about a few weeks ago after having the original floodlight camera after a year and 8 months.

The camera wasn’t recognizing the floodlight accessory, what I did was I went into the camera settings and restarted the camera. Backed out , went to the account tab, app settings , cleared app cache and force closed the app and opened the app again and opened the floodlight camera live stream and the camera was recognizing the floodlight accessory


I’m not seeing floodlight icon at all… not there???

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Have you tried restarting the camera ?

One time my camera wasn’t recognizing the floodlight accessory and restarting the camera , clearing app cache and force closing the app , got the camera to finally recognize the floodlight accessory

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I have done the steps above and floodlight now shows in the accessories section part of the app. However, when I click on floodlight even though it shows installed it says to add a Wyze Cam Floodlight. I click I have one installed and says it to restart camera again. I have done this 10 times and nothing works.