Error can't adjust Wyze Cam Floodlight settings under accessories, error check wifi and unplug

installed the wyzecam floodlight and connected it to the wifi and updated it but when i click on Accessories in settings and click on Floodlight it asks if i want to add a floodlight…so i click “i have one installed”…then i get an error "Something is wrong. Please check your wifi connection and unplug your flood light and plug it back in before trying again.

Turned off power at the breaker for a minute and back on but that did not solve the problem and i can see that the wifi is connected properly and the floodlight camera is functioning.

strong wifi signal (fiber)

restarted camera from app , did not help

How do i fix this?

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Make sure you have ipdated wyze app, turn off power to junctiin box through breaker…try reinstalling floadlight in with updated wyze app that has an option to install “floodlight” under cameras

yes the wyze app was up to date. As i stated in the description i had turned off power to the floodlight by flipping the breaker for a minute. That did not solve the problem.

The wyze app was up to date before i installed the floodlight so when i installed the floodlight it was by adding the floodlight under the cameras section just like you have mentioned.

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@j1mper30 I am having the same issue today with my install.

The app seems to only be recognizing the camera after selecting floodlight during the set up.


Tried somethings today.
I power cycled the camera from the breaker box for 1 min.
Then power cycled the camera itself ( I think this did it). The power cord from the PIR sensor to the camera I think was not pushed in all the way. It detected the floodlight after it booted up.

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i will give them a try. BTW…just to make sure…is this the cable that you disconnected for 1 minute. I gently tried to disconnect and also push it in with no luck and don’t want to get forceful with it if i’m mistaken. thanks for clarification.


@j1mper30 .
Yes. It’s a tight fit. The part that connects directly to the back of the camera is non removable.

It that was not going to work for me I was going to remove the sd card and do a hard reset, but I didn’t get that far.

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Were you able to resolve this issue. I see to be having the same problem?

Thank you for posting this fix for my floodlight not being recognized in the app. It was driving me nuts and I was ready to return it. Support was absolutely no help. I unplugged the PIR cord and put it back in until it snapped in place. It worked!

I am having a similar issue - The floodlight Camera is working fine, and 2nd camera hooked up to it is also working fine, however, I have lost control of the floodlight settings.

I’ve cut power to the unit, and have unplugged and replugged both cameras, and still have no control over the floodlight - help!!!

Edit - the floodlight is working and motion in front of it will turn the light on…


I am having same issue get uh oh tell me to unplug the camera plug it back in. I have tried turning off the power nothing seems to work. Light continually turns on 15 seconds after goes out and triggers the cameras to make a video.

Keith-Try unplugging the PIR cord and put it back in until it snaps in place. It’s a short cord that connects the camera to the flood sensor.

I am having same issue - have you had any success?

I have the same issue. Have tried powering off, unplugging and replugging and re-installing multiple times. Very disappointing.

Bummer. Tried all the above. Update app, update firmware, power cycle, disconnected PIR and reconnected, and even removed device and added back.

My floodlight persistently stays on and shows absolutely no response to any of the in-app interactions like shutting it off/on in stream view or going into floodlight settings to toggle brightness or the auto/on/off option.

Anyone else have same issue after trying the recommended options?