Floodlight won't turn on manually

Did the ability to manually turn on the floodlight stop working for anyone else? It was working ok for a long time, but after some update, I can no longer manually turn on the floodlight in the app.
I know the floodlight still works, since it turns on at night when the sensor detects something, and the app connects to the camera ok, but when I tap the floodlight icon, nothing happens. It stopped working a few months ago. I’ve tried updating the app and firmware, deleting the camera and readding it, clearing the Android app data and starting fresh, but the issue persists. Anyone else experience this and have a fix?

What happens when you go under Settings > Accessories > Floodlight > Floodlight Control and select On?

It shows a card that says “Add a Wyze Cam Floodlight”, but when I click “I have one installed” it says “Something is wrong. Please check your WiFi connection and unplug your camera and plug it back in before trying again”. Those steps dont resolve the issue though.
I did notice that the device info page seems to show the device model as “Wyze Cam v3” instead of the floodlight version, and the firmware version is 4.XX instead of 1.XX for the floodlight. I followed the instructions for installing a floodlight several times, but it almost looks like it thinks its just a regular Wyze cam?

I never had this issue before… perhaps you can try power-cycling it and see if it would recognize the floodlight?