Floodlight Controls No Longer Available

So I installed a few of the Wyze Floodlights with the Wyze Cam v3 integrated about 3 months ago because I am traveling a lot away from home and want to be able to keep an eye on the place.

So I log in last night just to see what’s up, and one of my floodlights is on when I do. I assumed that I must have bumped the “All On” button I configured on the page of the Wyze app it opens to.

But when I went into that floodlight’s camera to shut it off, there was no longer the floodlight icon available. When I drilled down into the settings through the accessories selection, it showed no floodlight associated with that camera.

This is far from an emergency, the light being on all night isn’t likely to annoy anyone, but I’m still on the road until Monday and have no way to control this thing.

Is this a known issue, or has this happened to anyone else? Any chance there’s a secret way to rebind the floodlight to the camera it’s attached to?

I appreciate any assistance!

Hey @ExpletivesCensored, been awhile. Hope all is well!

I am not seeing anything like this on my Android and iOS devices at this time.

I know you’ve been around for a minute, so sorry to suggest some of the standard things, assuming you’ve checked to make sure you are in the latest FW and app.

Have you tried clearing the app cache and logging out and back in to the app. Sometimes the settings get a little goofy and that helps to goose them.

Hey there,

Thanks for the reply! I did try all is that, and sent a note to the helpdesk, but I’m on the road all the time and can never seen to fund the time to send them the logs.

I actually got home since the original post, and when I cut the power up that floodlight units, let it shut, them power or back or, the issue is solved.

However, I’m again on as trip and it did it again, and just for good measure did it to another one for the first time as well. So I’ll 1 for 3 with my floodlights. I’ve got a few ar my dad’s house, with the different being I never installed a Wyze Cam Pan v3 over there. That’s when we this started happening, when I activated and associated my new Pan v3 camera. S

I wish I was a software guy, but I’m hardware and need other people to code for me. That might not be the case for much longer though! I’ve been typing around with that incredibly cool ChatGPT AI system, and a wouldn’t you know, after telling it in plain language what I wanted the Python script to do, all the different components I was using, how the were interfacd with the controller, the thing spits out a MASSIVE page of code which was formatted properly and which I can do onto a MicroSD card and see what happens. I haven’t tried or yet, so I’m not getting rid of the software engineers yet, but this is the closest to being capable of coding I’ve ever been! Maybe i drop the Wyze Cam code into it and all what’s wrong!!

Anyway, I’ll let ya know if I find anything.