Floodlight (Wyze Cam V3) offline after outage

I have two cameras. A Wyze Cam Pan has come back online after the outage and a floodlight that remains “Offline”. I have tried power cycling the camera and restarting it from my Android app. Nothing seems to resolve it.

I’ve submitted a troubleshooting ticket but have received no response.

Not sure where your camera / Floodlight is located or how high, but have you try to add it back, basically go through the setup without removing it from your app?

I had to do that in the past and it connected and came back online.

I was hoping that would not be the resolution. The floodlight is only reachable by ladder, and, I’m currently dealing with snow. I won’t be able to get to it until the snow melts.

With the last outage hit, my first concern was, “Please not my floodlights”. Lugging a ladder around is too much. Fortunately, they came back online by themselves.

Yea, I just did my in-laws. thankfully no snow, but cold. Ladder out and up I went. But thankfully, I attempted to do the re-add and it timed out, but then the camera clicked and reset. The Flood light came on and then off. It is working now.

You may want to try turning the Floodlight off via Power switch, if possible. Leave it off for an hour or more, let it time out. and then see if it works when you turn it back on.

@spamoni Thanks for the tip. I’m not sure it worked. I did power off the floodlight for an hour. I then tried to view the camera again, but, it showed the same “offline” status.

This morning, I took another look and it was back online. I’m not sure what resolved it.

probably the power off worked some or enough for it to cycle. Keep an eye on it and we can work on getting Wyze what they need if it happens again