Floodlight cam stopped connecting. Now cannot Connect

My floodlight cam3 has worked great for two months. It now won’t connect. Signal is strong. Cannot disconnect power.

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Is it showing error code 90?

Does the floodlight have a light switch connected to it for you to turn off and on.

If not then a trip down to the breaker to reset it will get the camera back online

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Welcome to the Forum @mrogers731!

Sorry to hear of your issue.

When you say the camera won’t connect… Are you saying you cannot pull up live video? Or is the camera showing as offline and you cannot interact with the settings?

@Rulwiz does offer some advice for “Rebooting” the whole device, if needed.


This week my V3 cam attached to the floodlight keeps going offline. I reset it every day for the last week and it continues to go offline. The floodlight works just fine. It’s just the cam. Any idea why? I don’t want to climb up a ladder to reset the camera to fix this issue.

Are you able to view the livestream when clicking the cam?

No I cannot. It’s completely not connecting. Says it’s not connected to the internet. All my other cams are connecting just fine. This has been happening since Sunday. I’ve honestly been having issues with this floodlight cam since I bought it. just not to this extent.

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When you say you reset the camera , how do you reset it ?

For the best solution when your camera goes offline showing error code 90 it’s best to ; if you have a light switch connected to the floodlight turn off the switch wait a few seconds and then turn it on and the camera should come back online

If you don’t have a switch then a trip down to the breaker panel and flipping your junction box breaker off and on should also reset the camera

Test the speed and connection of your wifi of where your floodlight is again to make sure its getting good coverage .

I do have it connected to a light switch. I do turn it off for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on. This method works 50/50 but then I have to do this almost every day for the last week.

The cam stays online and working for about 12 hours then goes offline again. What is really weird though is that I have a micro as card in the cake and I can view playback video of when the cam says it was offline.

I had this same issue. I dont believe there is enough power being supplied to the 2nd camera. MIne would work for a day or two, then constantly have to reset it. I got tired of having to always pull my ladder out to reset it and just disconnected it (and about to throw the floodlight out too with all the issues it has with connections). Its sad that this is the case- what a great product and idea to daisy chain a second camera, but what good is it if its not getting enough power to work consistantly?

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I’m now having this issue! Very frustrating! Turn the power off to the device…turn it back on and it works for a few minutes or hours.
Did anyone find a real solution to the problem?!

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