My v3 cam with floodlight doesnt want to connect

Wont even say ready to connect just stays red

Welcome to the Community @frank.gonzalez2012 . Sorry to hear you are having issues with the floodlight,

Can you post the following:

  • What is the Android App Version you are using
  • What is the V3 Firmware on the Camera
  • Before this happened, did you try to perform an update

If at all possible, remove power from the Floodlight, either by turning off the Circuit Breaker or by turning the switch off if you have one in series (Basically if you replaced an existing light with the Wyze Floodlight). Wait for about 1 minute and plug it back in. See if the camera resets and goes through the power cycle then try to set it up or connect to it.

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i have the same problem. I dont see the floodlight icon.
and i went to setting in accessories > Floodlight > I have one installed. then it says this
“Uh oh…
Something is wrong. Please check
vour WiFi connection and unplug your
Camera and plug it back in before
trying again.”
Please help!!!