How to flash cam v3 connected to flood light?

My floodlight cam v3 won’t connect to network since last firmware update. I was going to flash camera like I have read in other posts, but not sure best way to turn camera off to flash it. Any suggestions?


I suppose its a pain there since its hard wired. Unless you can somehow unplug the power only to the cam then you’d have to do it with 2 people (one at the power box) unless the cam stays off when you flip it on. I don’t know what it will do.

Could be fun or crazy fun :slight_smile:

Was able to get a friend to assist and flipped switch to turn light / camera off. I held button and they turned switch back on. Up and running on old firmware.

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It doesn’t look like it, but the V3 is actually plugged into the PIR motion sensor module on the original floodlight with a micro USB cable. :slight_smile: