Floodlight cams fail to reconnect to WiFi after router reboot

I am creating a new thread for this issue - it looks like this has a different root cause from the thread I originally included this in. Original thread: Wyze Cam V3 keeps disconnecting (with error code 90) - #72 by rpmcafee

The floodlight cams frequently lose the connection and display error code 90 after I restart my WiFi router, and when they do, I have to power cycle them to reconnect. I have a daily restart schedule on my router, and the floodlight cams lose their connection within one to two days of uptime. I am quite certain that the trigger is the router reboot because:

  1. I noticed that one of the cams lost connection when I performed an unscheduled reboot.
  2. The cams stay up fine when I have disabled the router reboot (3 days so far, knock on wood, previously they would not stay up more than 2 days).

On the flip side, I also have two standalone Wyze v3 cams, and they don’t have this issue - they don’t lose the connection across router reboots.

I have two Wyze Cam v3 and two Floodlight cams installed, all running the latest firmware. I had the standalone cams for over a year, and the floodlight cams for 2 months. I contacted support about the issue with the floodlight cams and they sent me replacements for them. I replaced one of them, but the issue persists, so it’s not a problem with a defective unit.

If anyone else is experiencing cams losing connection, check if you have router reboot on schedule, and see if disabling that mitigates the issue.

Unfortunately, I have to restart my WiFi on schedule - so that when I have an internet outage when I am away, the router will be able to reconnect to the Internet… So I need some solution to get the cams to reconnect reliably… I may end up getting a Wyze switch so I can power cycle them remotely or on schedule, though I would rather have Wyze fix the root cause. Clearly, the standalone cams can work fine, so they should be able to make the floodlight cams work, too.

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Yup this is a known issue that affects pretty much all wyze devices. they have said they are hoping to have a firmware update for all devices around june, so keep your cams updated :smiley:

But it does NOT affect all Wyze devices, I have 3 standalone Wyze v3 cams, and these are working just fine. What is weird is that the standalone cams are running the same firmware version as the floodlight cams. Perhaps there is some other lower level networking software underneath? Or they have a different networking chip between these cams? FWIW, my standalone cams are a year older than the floodlight cams.

I now had the floodlight cams stay connected for 5 days in a row - with the scheduled reboots in the router disabled. I will reenable the scheduled reboots and see how long they will stay connected. I picked up a new firmware version,, who knows, maybe this will be the lucky one?

Yea its not consistent, and maybe you have gotten lucky or theres a diffrent variable. I have had it happen to v3s on their own as well as floodlights, so its just random it seems.

I suspect that the difference between my floodlight cams and the standalone cams is the underlying WiFi module. My standalone cams are a year old vs. 3 months for the floodlight cams. The prefix for the standalone cams MAC address is 7C-78 whereas the MAC addresses for the floodlight cams start with D0-3F. So they may have a different WiFi module, and possibly the older WiFi module is robust to WiFi restarts and the new one is not.

I am quite certain that the WiFi reboot is the trigger for the floodlight cams to lose connection, and I am quite certain that my standalone cams are not impacted. I am able to reproduce losing connection for the floodlight cams quite reliably when I reboot my router. And my standalone cams are never impacted by rebooting the router. I have two of each of the type of the camera, and a router reboot usually disconnects at least one of the floodlight cams.

Are you able to repro losing connection on a standalone Wyze v3 cam when you reboot your router? If so, I am curious what is the MAC address prefix in your cams.

Wyze engineering is engaged in a different thread: Wyze Cam V3 keeps disconnecting (with error code 90) - #72 by rpmcafee - you can share your experience there if you are experiencing the same symptoms.

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I have a floodlight with 7C78 and a stand-alone cam with DO3F and one with 7C78. I’m not currently able to test that, but I have had a lot of on and off network recently due to hardware upgrades and nothing went offline luckily. I have had it happen sometimes though, just not recently.

I have a floodlight and another v3 with D03F and two v3’s with 7C78. I rarely reboot my router, but when I have I’ve have I had to power cycle the devices after the reboot. All my devices normally have very good connectivity so doesn’t seem like a WiFi module issue.

Do all your devices lose connection when you reboot your router? For me the 7C78 cams never lose connection on the router reboot. The D03F devices lose the connection at about 50% rate on the router reboots.

Yes. All 4 cameras would not reconnect and had to be power cycled

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Thanks for confirming. So it rules out the theory that all 7C78 devices are robust to restarts. But maybe there is a silver lining? If some of these devices are robust, perhaps Wyze can use that to come up with a fix or a workaround for the other devices…

Hi. Thanks for the info! I did test all my 6pcs of V3 here with rebooting the router and AP. All of them comeback just normally. And all 6pcs have similar MAC starting with D0:3F. So I am assuming wifi module may not be the case.

Just checking if it is possible for you to collect the device log manually after router reboots. This will require you to take out the sd card and re-insert without rebooting the camera. Since it is floodlight camera I think it might be too hard. However if you could do that I will message you the detail steps.

Please let me know. Thank you so much!


I have an SD card available, so I could try to collect the log after the reboot. Presumably, you would like the log in a state where the camera is disconnected after the reboot? The question would be how do I collect the log if the camera is not connected to WiFi? If you can send me instructions in the forum or PM, I can do this.

I have a FloodLight cam D0;3F and stand alone with 2C:AA.
Standalone v3 works perfectly >1 year, but just installed floodlight and such a disappointment.
It gets disconnected without any reason every few hours.
Without any option to reconnect, but powercycle, Which is awful for security device…

Out of curiosity, is it possible to use one of the stand-alone V3s with the floodlight? I don’t remember seeing anything special about the cameras with the floodlight.

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Good question, BTW.
What if remove faulty floodlight cam and replace with known working v3…
Is this possible?

I tried putting the standalone cam in the floodlight, and it did not work. The camera did not power up. Though there is a secondary USB output, which works to power a standalone cam. I did not try plugging it in there, but now I think that should work.

I believe that Wyze is close to releasing a fix for the connectivity issue for the v3 cams. If you can, I would recommend waiting till that fix is available. For a workaround for myself, I installed a smart switch for the floodlight cams (to replace the existing standard light switch). This way I can power cycle the cams on schedule or remotely. In my case the connectivity was lost whenever the WiFi router was rebooted. I had the router reboot on a schedule (to prevent losing internet connectivity in general), so I also added a scheduled power cycling of the floodlight cams. It’s a terrible set of workarounds for things that should work, but they don’t. and the ugly workaround works.

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