Aren't the Wyze v3 cameras suppose to reconnect after an internet connection comes back after dropping?

I’m having an issue with my Wyze camera I set up at my mom’s house. She’s completely technology and English illiterate. That being said, an internet outage happened last night, and the internet came back on, but the Wyze camera is still giving error code 90. I had her unplug and plug the modem, router, and camera back in. I thought that these cameras were suppose to re-establish connection after the internet comes back on?

You will need to go see,all of ours are just fine

Welcome @lee11924 to the community. I am a community member as well and try to help when I can.

The Camera’s will reconnect to the internet over a period of time, more regularly when the Time To Live TTL expires. However, I have found that when I got the error code 90, going to the Device in the app and doing a restart from the settings area works occasionally, or simply unplugging the power and plugging it back in for the Camera only seemed to correct it as well. More luck with the second part. I have never had to reset my Router because of an Error 90. I should note that I don’t have the Error 90 as others have.

Because of this, some of us have put an outlet in line so that we can remotely turn the power off and then back on thereby resetting the device from anywhere. It could be a Wyze Plug or another vendor plug.

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There were significant Wyze server issues yesterday into today. Try the recycling the power to the camera now and see if it works.


Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. I live extremely far from my mother, otherwise I’d just go over and redo the whole setup process over again. None of the methods suggested so far have worked. I may need to make a trip over or ask someone to go over and help set up the camera again.

Any other suggestions would be helpful. I was hoping a Wyze rep would also comment on this thread as well.

Its best to do it yourself

We have to wait until Wyze engineers will come to a conclusion to have the camera reboot itself after trying to reconnect. OMG, how innovative it would be?My two out of three cameras v3 are down with error 90 and nobody is around for the next month.

Power cycle them…its simple unplug them…like the others did

Nobody is around for another month.

If your talking about the camera location…at all of our locations we use smart life app and wifi plugs so our service technicians can remotely re boot devices

Thanks, next time, if they would be stollen. The cameras were working flawlessly for almost a year and it took my sceptical guard down.