Wyze Floodlight constantly going offline

I have had a Wyze Floodlight for over a year and in the last few months I’ve had to reset it every day. I got tired of climbing up a ladder every day to reset the camera and power cycle the floodlight that I installed a switch inside my house to the electrical. That being said I still have to climb up a ladder every day to re-install the SD card because one I reset the cam it then says there is no SD card. I’m about to throw this floodlight away and go with a basic floodlight with no cam. I can’t stand working around these issues anymore. Wyze products have gotten really bad lately. Can’t see myself buying any other product from Wyze.

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Sorry your having issues with your floodlight. Do you actually have to reset the cam (hit the setup button) everytime, or does just flipping the switch off for a few seconds also work?

Have you changed anything about your network in the last few months? Are you aware of the device limit on your router? How old is your router? Was it provided by your ISP or did you buy it separately? Also, have you added any devices onto your network recently? What’s your internet upload/download speed. Does your network go offline frequently? Does the cam go offline at a regular time, or random?

Check the signal strength in the cams settings > device info.


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I don’t always have to set up as new. Most times I can turn the switch off wait 30 sec the. Switch it back on and it will work for a few hours before going offline again. I however do have to remove the SD card and re-install every time to have the cam record all the time. Which is annoying.

I have not changed anything on my network. I will have to check device limits on my router. It’s a google fiber router which might be the issue. 886 Mbps download and 855 Mbps upload. According to my app the network hasn’t gone down anytime in the last few months. The floodlight goes offline randomly. Can be hours or a few minutes. It’s always random.

Thanks for the info, but there was a question unanswered:

What’s the signal strength for the cam, check in the cams settings > device info.

Also, after flipping the switch, does it not recognize the SD card until you remove it? Does it just show as no SD card found?

The signal is excellent I make sure to check that every time it goes offline.

Yes each time I flip the switch it says there is no SD card and I have to remove it and then put it back on. All while up on a ladder.

Did this start after a firmware update, or just out of nowhere?

I don’t know when the last firmware was updated. But it started about two months ago and has only gotten worse.
Today I tested the camera itself being powered by a wall outlet and it powers the camera just fine. It’s something to do with the actually flood light assembly itself that’s causing it to cause the camera to become disconnected.
I now cannot get the floodlight or camera to connect. So I will be un-installing it tomorrow until I can an answer as to why it’s not working properly.

I have the same issue on 4 floodlights. I recently purchased all 4 and they have always done what you describe. Have you received any resolution?

Same issue here since day one. Bought 1 to see how they work and then buy 2 or 3 more I need but with this issue I don’t think so. I’m better off buying stand alone floodlights and cameras.

I purchased a new wireless router… nothing fancy… and the flood lights have not disconnected since. It has been about 10 days. They were disconnecting after about a day. However, the usb plug on the floodlight for an additional camera only works for about an hour. This happens on all 4 floodlights.

Which wirelesz roter did you buy? One of my floodligtz goes offline all the time.

I got the tplink ac1750 from target. Im sure there are better wifi routers, but it was in stock when I needed it.

Thank you!