Floodlight 2nd Cam

Looking for installation instructions to install 2nd cam to floodlight. And what is included with floodlight and 2nd cam to install? Do I need to buy a short USB cable as shown in advertising or is it included?

There is a USB port on the back of the motion sensor assembly. A Wyze cam comes with a power cord. Just plug it in there.

The second cam does not have any control over the floodlight. It is just for expansion of the view.


Thank you for the answer. I recall the provided camera power cord is 6 foot or longer. In all the floodlight advertising it shows the 2nd camera close to the floodlight and the power to be about 1-2 feet in length. I was hoping a short power cord would be provided with the floodlight. But I guess it’s just coiled up and hidden somewhere.

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There is no second power cord provided on the floodlight for a possible second camera.

One thing you could do is wind & tie-wrap the cord that is supplied with the 2nd V3.

Power cord

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Sounds like a plan. Thank you!

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