Wyze Floodlight Cam V3

I need to add a second camera to my floodlight to cover an area around a corner. It is roughly 6 feet from the floodlight and it looks like the add on camera comes with a 6 inch cord. I am assuming this cord adds power to the camera. Does it also trigger the lights to come on? Since I have the v3 camera on the floodlight I figure I should buy the same v3 camera. Any one with experience please advice. Also why is the floodlight with the 3v camera not on any pulldowns or listed in the shopping section of the Wyze site? Too new or already being disconntinued?

The original Wyze Cam Floodlight that utilizes the v3 camera may be out of stock. We have released the Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 but this one does not have the USB port to connect a second camera to.

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The floodlight you are talking about with the USB port and the v3 camera is the v1 floodlight. The v2 floodlight was recently launched and is the replacement for the v1. I would expect that it will get harder to find the v1 floodlight.

However the v3 camera is still the latest model in its line, so you should have no trouble finding it.

You can definitely add another v3 to your floodlight, and it will receive power from the USB port but no data. The floodlight uses the PIR sensor for motion detection (unless you enabled the camera as a trigger also), but the second v3 you add will not act as a trigger.

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