Floodlights with USB

I purchased 2 - V1 floodlights in January 2023 along with 2 - V3 cameras for my home. I’ve loved the product but now I’ve got a problem. I bought the V1 floodlight/camera because they have a USB port to power another camera. That’s how my system is installed, each of the two V1 floodlight/cameras power one of the V3 cameras.

A few months ago one of the V1 floodlight/cameras started having a problem. The floodlights stay on all the time, even when I turn the floodlight off in the app they stay on. I ordered a new Wazecam Floodlight Pro as a replacement. I have now returned that item because it does not have the USB port to power another camera.

My question is do you have any other floodlights that have the USB port? It looks like the V1s are no longer manufactured as they show out of stock.

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Only the original Floodlight has the extra USB port.

Looks like Woot has some refurbished ones for as low as $39.99 (ie: probably people who returned them to Amazon):

Wyze Direct on eBay has used ones for $58.19 (probably from people who returned them to Wyze:

I believe Wasserstein sells traditional floodlights with USB included with them so you can power your cameras. It specifically mentions that Cam Pan V3 is supported so that means it should output at least 5V 2 amps through the USB port (Wyze Floodlight V1 can’t do). The main disadvantage is that you lose out on the smart functionality on the floodlight itself which sometimes is quite useful.

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Would the pir sensor still turn the lights on like a traditional motion floodight?

AFAIK, Wasserstein is an independent traditional floodlight with no smart functionality so it doesn’t communicate with the Wyze camera at all. It is a floodlight which happens to have USB auxiliary power ports for smart cameras like Wyze. So yes, the PIR sensor should turn the lights on like a traditional motion floodlight.

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