Camera works on seperate power, but not when connected to floodlights

camera works with separate power (through the USB port) but not when connected to floodlight. Floodlights are on so there’s power to them. No light on the camera and no audio when I press “setup.” Seems like a power issue with the USB power chord from the floodlight unit. Is there any way to test?

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What model of Cam are you trying to power off the auxillary USB port on the Floodlight V1?

Yes. A USB Power tester such as this (MANY other options available for less).

This is the model:

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Yes. That is the Floodlight V1.

What I was asking was about the cam… But I may have been misunderstanding your initial question…

I thought you were talking about plugging in a 2nd cam to the Auxiliary USB port that is on the Floodlight.

But now that I reread your post, I think you may be talking about plugging the V3 that mounts onto the floodlight and controls it to its primary power plug coming out of the floodlight. Is that correct?

If that is the case, you should still be able to test that so long as the tester has the Micro USB connector.